One Watch, Four Straps

One Watch, Four Straps

Some days you just want a simple gin martini or a whiskey, neat. You slip into your Italian leather loafers with the perfect patina, and choose a crisp wool suit in navy blue. There’s nothing wrong with opting for a tried-and-true favorite when the world feels a little overwhelming. On those days, you’re more likely to reach for your trusty Rolex Submariner than a complicated chronograph.

A Sub on an original bracelet is a thing of beauty, but familiarity doesn’t always need to breed contempt. A quick switch of the spring bars can provide you with an entirely new look for your favorite watch. So if you’re looking to revive a classic look with a twist, a new strap for your Sub will provide you with just the right mix of novelty and nostalgia. Here are a few combos we suggest. 

rolex sub on everest leather band with steel end link

The Rolex Submariner on a Leather Strap 

We know, we know. We’ve heard it all before: Dive Watches and Leather Straps Just Don’t Mix. But take a look at these Subs on leather straps and tell us you’re not loving them. You can see two iterations here, the steel endlink leather strap and the perfectly fitted curved end leather strap. The basic argument against a Submariner on a leather strap goes something like this: Since the watch was built for deep sea diving, it defies logic to pair it with a leather. Let’s get real -- dive watches have long since moved out of the ocean and into offices, grocery stores, and coffee shops. If your dive watch is about as likely as your iPhone to be dropped into a body of water, why shouldn’t you pair it with leather? The purpose of a diver has evolved, and so should its aesthetics. So go ahead. Get iconoclassy with it. 

rolex sub on tan leather

The Rolex Submariner on a NATO Strap 

Just like milk and cookies, eggs and bacon, and peanut butter and chocolate, combining a NATO strap with a Rolex Sub is just always going to feel right. This dynamic duo brings a rough-and-ready vibe to this fine specimen of Swiss design, and we love the combination of the two. 100% nylon feels smooth and snug on the wrist, and it’s built to withstand UV rays, snags, and unexpected impacts. It’s a strap built for war that performs just as well in peacetime. For that, we salute it. 

rolex submariner on nato strap

The Rolex Submariner on a Rubber Strap

Even The Crown itself couldn’t resist the siren call of high-quality elastomer for its Oysterflex bracelet, but Rolex’s take on rubber is only available on a few select references. We feel pretty confident that Rolex will never put a Sub on an Oysterflex, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the look of it. For summer boating, swimming, and relaxing, nothing looks better than a Submariner on water-resistant, sweat-resistant, velvety matte rubber.  

rolex sub on black rubber everest band

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rolex deployant clasp attached to an everest rubber strap

Everest rubber straps come in two varieties: a deployant version which utilizes your existing Rolex clasp (and is perfectly sized based on the current links of your Rolex), and also the tang buckle version, that allows you to keep your Rolex buckle safely put away.

The Rolex Submariner with a classic Tang buckle 

We know it’s no surprise, but we had to take another opportunity to declare our devotion to the Sub on a rubber strap, but this time, we’re highlighting the look. The Oysterlock deployant clasp is both a mechanical marvel and a thing of beauty. But on days where your activities are more high impact, you can protect the clasp by opting for a rubber strap with a traditional Tang buckle. Not only does a Tang buckle keep your deployant safe at home, it also dresses down your Sub, making it perfect for camping or climbing in more remote locations.  

rolex sub with tang buckle

Change Your Strap, Change Your Watch

These photos showcase how much a new bracelet can change a watch’s profile and identity. While we only show classic black above, Everest bands makes rubber straps for Rolex owners in a wide array of colors including black, white, red, blue, orange, gray, and more. There are also many leather and nylon choices to truly customize your watch. Make your luxury watch truly yours with an Everest Bands strap in rubber or leather. Our straps are carefully designed to fit each reference so that the bracelet flows seamlessly from the lugs. Thousands of five star reviewers agree -- Everest Bands offers the best aftermarket watch straps.  


By Meghan Clark


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