Why We Think Rolex Will Never Sell the Submariner on Rubber

Why We Think Rolex Will Never Sell the Submariner on Rubber

Rolex Submariner on Oysterflex Rubber

Everyone thinks Rolex is unpredictable. It is most likely due to their ability to keep a secret about new models better than any other watch brand. Supposedly, Rolex is somewhat like working at the CIA since they have retinal scanners to enter their production areas, fiercely secretive operations and they are a privately held trust that seems to have unlimited financial resources. It’s the making for a secret society of super spies that protect the world from impending doom. However, some things are predictable with the crown such as they generally don’t mess with a good thing. The Rolex Submariner is a good thing for sure, and the amount of changes to the bracelet it comes on has never changed. Metallic, oyster style link has been the go to since the 1960’s.

Leather watch straps, specifically Alligator leather, were the only material offered for years as an alternative to a metallic bracelet on the Daytona, Day-Date and Sky-Dweller. They chose a gorgeous padded alligator material that was integrated using a unique case design on both the Daytona, Day-Date and Sky-dweller. It also utilized the Rolex deployant clasp design instead of a tang buckle design. It was a very classy alternative to the bracelet. Lastly, it was only offered on precious metal Rolex versions. There has never been a steel or two-tone sports Rolex to offer any other bracelet material other than a metallic link and deployant buckle.

One note on Rolex’s move from leather to rubber is that they have only done it on watches that already had an alligator strap in previous models. For example, in 2020 they released an updated version of the Sky-Dweller, which comes on a rubber strap and a full precious metal case and deployant buckle. Case in point, this watch previously only came on metallic bracelets and an alligator strap before. There was only one watch that did break this tradition, which was the Yacht-Master released in 2015.

Rolex Yacht-Master Oysterflex

It came as no surprise when Rolex finally embraced a rubber strap they have only used on a precious metal version of the watch collection they are offering it on. The first model to utilize a rubber design was the classed up Yacht-Master in a gorgeous rose gold. The Yacht-Master to me is the fancy Submariner. It shares the same bezel style, dial layout and hands as a Submariner. Most recently they came out with a white good version in an enlarged 42 mm case. Rolex doesn’t tell us what they are thinking directly, but maybe they were thinkin: here is your dive watch on rubber, but we did it how we have always done - made it the Rolex way. 

In conclusion, I think that the mix of traditional use of alligator straps and the popularity of rubber watch bands has caused Rolex to make some changes to their line up. They want to give the customer something that they desire but they do not want to water down their design language either. They gave us a dive watch on rubber already: it's called the Yacht-Master. I know you may be rolling your eyes at that comment but diver’s don’t really use their Rolex watch to time their dives anymore, they use a diving computer attached to their wrist. The Yacht-Master might be a watch that can’t go below 100 meters of depth, but it functions and looks incredibly similar to the Submariner. 

So if you were hoping for Rolex to come out with a rubber strapped beauty in 2021 that has Submariner on the dial, it is unlikely your dreams are going to come true. But if that is what you desire, Everest has you covered!  We already have the solution and guess what, it is perfect. For $220.00 you can customize your Rolex to your liking with a Swiss-Made rubber strap from us. 

Rolex Submariner on Everest Rubber watch strap

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