New Rolex Submariner Model in 2020

rolex submariner 2020

Based on new Rolex model releases over the past few years, we anticipate a new Submariner to join the line up this year. A complete overhaul of multiple lines has occurred, but the Submariner line has been sorely overlooked. We’re anticipating a huge overall of the Submariner line, and here are some of the changes we may see.

rolex submariner ceramic

Everest predicts the most notable change to the new Rolex Submariner will arguably be the new movement. The 3235, the new GMT movement, will be replacing the well-beloved 3135 movement. Notable improvements with the new movement include a longer power reserve (from 48 hours up to 70 hours). The time-keeping accuracy is improved with the new chronescapement - chornergy - patented by Rolex. It combines high-energy efficiency and dependability. This is due to the fact that it is made of nickel frost phosphor which is anti-magnetic. 

rolex calibre 3135, rolex calibre 3235

Not only does the movement’s function improve, but it looks so much more advanced. The old movement, the 3135, is very classical and beautiful, whereas the 3235 is a very modern and nuanced movement - basically looks like it came out of a spaceship.

The movement will be housed in a 40mm case which will most likely mimic the new GMT Master II 126710BLRO & BLNR form factor. With slimmer lugs from the mega case we saw in the previous generations, the case will sport a slimmer profile as well. Though, we believe the crown guards will remain the same. 

gmt rolex on jubilee

With the growing popularity of women wearing “men’s” sports watches - there is contemplation as to whether we will see a mid-sized version, which could be highly popular. Since the Yacht-Master is supposed to be the premium Submariner, it would be a logical argument that this may be the year we see a mid-sized 37mm Submariner. How cool would a that be! But some may ask why would a 37mm Submariner be released? While the midsize 37mm precious metal Yachtmaster is available to fill that roll, they are way more expensive. Additionally, a 37mm Submariner with a ceramic bezel would be much more durable than the precious metal bezels on the Yacht Master 37mm. 

new rolex submariner

Speaking of bezel changes, we anticipate to see one as well. It’s possible the pip at 12 o’clock could be more receded/embedded like we saw on the new Sea-Dweller 126600 43mm.

new submariner rolex

One final contemplation, will red text appear? We don’t think so, but one can dream - that would be freaking awesome. We anticipate the reference number should be 126610LN, and we are hoping for a no date version as well. The symmetry and elegance of the Submariner No-Date (reference number 126610) design is just beautiful as well as being more true to the history of the Submariner

We’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see the new Submariner line revealed at the Rolex-hosted event in New York this spring! Share your thoughts on the anticipated design with us below!

*NOTE: some of the pictures you see above have been modified by Everest and others on the internet to show what could happen. These are just to show predictions and are not to be assumed as actual images from Rolex or any other watch brand.


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