BREAKING NEWS! New Rolex Watch Models Reveal is Still to Happen

BREAKING NEWS! New Rolex Watch Models Reveal is Still to Happen

After the initial disappointment of Baselworld being canceled, it is believed through our source Rolex reached out directly to their authorized dealers informing them that they will still show this year’s new models. The communication from Rolex explained that the reveal would be happening in New York City. 

Everest anticipates the event will occur at the Rolex Building on Fifth Avenue. The Rolex service center houses the largest Rolex boutique in America with future plans to replace this center with a new building design.

rolex service center

Rolex noted that the reveal will occur at roughly the same time as the original date of Baselworld. Everest is unaware if this invite was sent to North America dealers or if it was sent worldwide. Additionally, the event may - though we suspect not - be open to the general public for viewing. Although, media is anticipated to be in attendance with the authorized dealers.

rolex models

Based on previous model upgrades, we plan to explore the different possible overhauls of different Rolex watch models. The GMT Master II Ceramic Coke is one of the first anticipated models here. Stay tuned for our other articles on the edits to the Submariner as well as the possibility of the Air-king being discontinued, and more!

rolex air-king

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