March of the Memes: Six Watch Memes You Don’t Wanna Miss

March of the Memes: Six Watch Memes You Don’t Wanna Miss

Multiple research studies conducted at Everest Bands have shown that watch collectors view 20% more watch-related memes on Saturday than on any other day of the week. In fact, this number might even increase to 30% on warm spring and summer afternoons when the prospect of a new addition to your collection is all you can think about. Even if you’re a dedicated IG scroller, you may have missed a few of our favorites in the month of March. As the old saying goes: “April showers bring May flowers, but March means memes pop up all over the ‘gram.” From stimulus checks to grocery shopping and dial colors, our favorite accounts poked fun at everyone in the watch collecting world -- even themselves.

watch memeMeme via @chronomemer

watch meme

Meme via @globalwatchmemes 

These two memes have a similar, well-known theme: the complete devastation of your bank account the minute you begin seriously collecting watches. The slow dwindling of a discretionary account whenever a new model arrives. We’ve all been there. This meme from @globalwatchmemes is even more timely. We don’t know what non-collectors are doing with their stimulus checks, but unfortunately we know exactly where ours is going. Right into the pocket of our nearest AD. 

watch meme

Meme via @watchtaster

This meme is just too real after a pandemic, during which we purchased five pairs of “luxury” sweatpants and no longer understand how zippers and buckles work. Oh well, at least our Submariner looks like a total babe. Wish we could say the same about our “creative” weekend style choices. 

watch meme about blue watches

Meme via @globalwatchmemes

Guilty as charged. We love a blue dial (it looks good with everything!) and we’re not sorry about it. Sure, we could rock one of the new candy-colored dial colors on the 2021 OP, but why would we do that when we could put on our new Tudor Black Bay 58… or our Tudor Black Bay Bronze Bucherer Blue… or our Oris Aquis Blue Whale… or our Breitling Navitimer. Should we go on?

watch meme


meme via @yourauthorizeddealer

And once we tire of a glut of blue dials, there’s always the allure of the green dials to fall back on. Maybe we’re just influenced by another St. Patrick’s day in lockdown, but we’re always filled with envy when we see someone rocking a gorgeous green dial. It’s so easy being green when you look this good. Did AP release a green dialed watch this year? Yes they did. Did Rolex? Yes, they did (well, in 2020). Will Tudor give us green this year in 2021? We certainly hope so.

watch meme about green dials

Meme via @brodinkee

What’s quarantine better for than endlessly scouring Watch Recon, eBay, and Chrono24 for vintage watches with “minor lug scratches” in “basically LNIB condition.” The only thing we could do to make this hobby even more esoteric is to expand our collection with the Ghosts of Watches Past. Don’t mind us, we’re just mixing up an Old Fashioned and admiring our tropical dial on the wheel of our vintage Ferrari. 

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cover image meme via @globalwatchmemes


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