Behind the Rise of Tudor’s Bucherer Blue Black Bay Bronze

Behind the Rise of Tudor’s Bucherer Blue Black Bay Bronze

At the foot of the Alps in Switzerland are crystal clear, sapphire-blue alpine lakes. It’s a blue that’s tough to forget. It’s also a blue that may have inspired Tudor’s Bucherer Blue edition of the Black Bay Bronze. This unique colorway of the Black Bay Bronze appeared as a special edition watch made for Swiss jeweler Bucherer. One time or limited edition watches are often launched as part of the jeweler's Bucherer Blue line, a collection of specialty watches from luxury watch brands. These unique offerings usually incorporate a blue element in the design, from bezel color to gemstone indices. In 2016, Tudor unveiled a Bucherer Blue edition of the Black Bay Bronze, and it certainly got the attention of watch collectors. 

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The contrast of the warm-hued metal with the cool glacial blue was a winning combination, and for collectors, the hunt was on for this rare Tudor. Initially, it was only available at Bucherer locations in Switzerland, cutting out a huge swath of buyers from adding it to their collections. While a few lucky individuals were able to source the watch, others simply watched it from afar with a fair bit of envy. With a 44 mm bronze case on a sturdy NATO strap, it provided something unexpected and unique from Tudor, and sales picked up quickly.  

Cut to 2021. 2020 was a rough year, to be sure, and Tudor provided some of the bright points in the horological landscape. The Navy Blue Black Bay 50 buoyed spirits and lightened wallets in July, and a recent announcement cheered us up even more. The Bucherer Blue Black Bay Bronze is now available for purchase in the U.S. exclusively through Tourneau. It opens owning the watch to a much larger audience, and Tudor will likely find one in U.S. buyers.  

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What If I Already Own The Black Bay Bronze Bucherer Blue?

First of all, we’re jealous of you. We don’t know what James Bond style subterfuge you had to resort to in order to land one, but we’re impressed. Second, you may be questioning if your singular pursuit was worth it. Rest assured, it was. Sure, it’s disappointing when everyone starts ordering pistachio ice cream at the little gelateria down the street, but it also widens the community of people you can share that joy with. And isn’t that why you got into the game in the first place? For the joy of swapping stories, specs, and straps? Now that it’s easier to buy a Bucherer Blue Black Bay Bronze, you may be able to find a larger community of people who appreciate this watch. Plus, you’ll always have that OG status. That means something, especially in the watch world. If you’re worried about the investment prospects of your watch, it’s likely the Tourneau run will be fairly limited as well. This Black Bay Bronze is likely to retain its value, even with the wider release.   

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Everest Bands Is Pro-Patina 

We love the unique weathered look that the Black Bay Bronze acquired over time, and we approve of the unconventional pairing of this large dive watch with a NATO strap. If you’re inspired by the unique good looks of this Tudor, consider pairing your Tudor with a leather, rubber, or NATO strap by Everest Bands. Changing out your watch band can completely change the look of the watch, refreshing your collection while you save up for your next acquisition.

By: Meghan Clark

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