Green Watches Are In: Our Top 5 Green Picks

green watches are in

Green Watches Are In: Our Top 5 Green Picks

Olive, emerald, verde, lime, and viridescent. Whatever you want to call it, green is definitely the color of 2020. With many of the latest releases from the big brands, we can clearly see a pattern that well, green may be taking over the blue fad. With green often depicting the color of life, renewal and energy, it is certainly a color we can get down with this year. Green dials and bezels surely aren’t for everyone’s taste, but we think we compiled a list of green watches that will make all the leafy haters green with envy (sorry, dad joke). Let’s take a look at some of our favorite green watches perfect for any occasion!

Rolex Hulk

the rolex green hulk

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Love the submariner, but want a fun twist? Well you’ll love the first on our list, the Rolex Hulk. Since debuting in 2010, the bright green submariner has made quite a name for itself. After the discontinuation of the Rolex Kermit, Rolex fans were certainly jonesing for a new green piece and the brand knew the exact cure. The bold sunburst dial actually dresses up well on its stainless-steel bracelet but we’d be lying if we didn’t talk about how sporty it looks on an Everest rubber strap. While it’s popularity has remained amongst the watch community, rumors have swirled of this big green guy being discontinued soon and we just confirmed that yesterday! Read our initial thoughts on it here! It was replaced with a gorgeous green and black updated 41mm Kermit, that is sure to be a hot green watch in 2020. But if you have a Hulk, you sure are lucky as it has already increased in value!

Panerai Submersible PAM01055

green watches are in

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With a name like Submersible Verde Militare, one would hope this watch would have lots of green on it and that’s just what Panerai gave us. Released in late 2019, Panerai only produced 500 of these examples to the U.S., UK and China market making it a highly sought-after piece now.  With a military green toned dial and rubber strap, this Submersible comes in at 42mm and wears extremely well on the wrist. While we can easily see the appeal of Panerai from the likes of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, or Johnson (more on that here), we equally think anyone could rock this subdued under the radar Panerai.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Green

green watches are in

Want to stay in the Rolex family but want something a little more under the radar than the Hulk? Our third pick is probably the choice for you, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual in Olive Green. Now don’t let the 34mm size fool you. These oyster cases from Rolex tend to wear a bit larger than their said dimensions and from my personal experience, wears more like a 36mm. The light olive sunray finish on the dial here tends to go well with just about anything and the small orange pips on the hour markers really adds a fun flair to this awesome piece that can be easily shared in the household. Click here to check out our matching Everest Green Watch Pouch, that’s sure to be a great pairing accessory. Another vibrant addition to this collection that just made it's debut yesterday is a bright Green Oyster Perpetual that is sure to stand out, and comes in a much larger size--41mm!

Grand Seiko Summer SBGH271

green watches are in

Ok, so we’ve seen how the Swiss and Italian brands do green and next stop, Japan! There’s a reason Grand Seiko named this one the early summer or ‘Rikka’ in Japanese. In Japan as spring passes to summer, the land turns lush and green and that’s exactly what you think of when staring at this beautiful dial. The 40mm case features the famous Zaratsu polishing and the dial is an almost grass-like texture with amazing gold indices in typical Grand Seiko fashion. If you’re searching for the perfect green dialed watch that can be dressed up or down, this should be right up your alley.

Tudor Black Bay Harrods


green watches are inImage Source @a_girl_and_her_watches

Last on our list is a green machine from Rolex’s sister brand Tudor. In 2017 Tudor partnered with Harrods department store in London to bring us a special edition of the Tudor Black Bay. Featuring a “Harrods” green bezel and green second hand tip, the watch also features the depth rating on the dial in green. Subtle changes one might say but we’re getting definite Rolex Kermit feels from this piece. The Black Bay line is responsible for putting the brand back on the map and it’s easy to see why. The Stainless-Steel bracelet looks right at home on this classic Black Bay, it no doubt can be very versatile on a variety of straps, including Everest Rubber Strap that fits this case perfectly. Now you can only pick up this Tudor Black Bay at Harrods in London and there have been rumors of discontinuation soon (we’re so gossipy aren’t we?) but they are currently still in production as of the date this article is published, so hurry and get your name down if you would like one!

We’ve covered some of the not only popular shades of green but super popular watches right now! Anybody else not want summer to end? Thinking about adding a bit of green to your collection but don’t want to all out Hulk? Check out some of our green Everest Rubber Straps, green Everest Watch Rolls, and even green Everest Watch Pouches here!

Written by K.T. Morales

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