Looking for a Steal on a Steel Rolex? We found 3 Rolexes for around 5k, available today.

Looking for a Steal on a Steel Rolex? We found 3 Rolexes for around 5k, available today.

As we know all too well, Rolex watches are incredibly scarce these days, and steel Rolex watches are even more scarce. We also know that Rolex watches are incredibly well-made and intended to last for generations with proper care and maintenance. And of course, whether you feel Rolex watches are investments or not, many of them not only hold their value but tend to increase in value as well.  A Rolex watch can be an achievement, a status symbol, or a basic everyday staple depending on how you look at it. 

Currently on the Rolex website, the most entry level watches measuring at least 36mm or more start in the $5600 range (for example the Oyster Perpetual) and go up from there. The most basic entry level steel Rolex Datejust starts at $7,050. If you’re looking for an Explorer or a Submariner you are entering into the $6,500-$8,100 range. Now, just because those prices exist on the Rolex website, doesn’t mean you can actually buy them for that price. Most models are selling at a premium nowadays on the gray market, and selling quickly.

As a relatively budget conscious person with expensive tastes, I am not opposed to spending money on things I like and want. However, paying a super premium for anything just doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. I will pay for a Rolex that feels like it’s a fair price, and that is why I am happy to share these three steel Rolexes that are priced fairly, at or around 5k, and that are available to purchase as of today. By the way, Everest doesn’t make any kind of commission on these Rolex watches or even have anything to do with the sale--we are just watch lovers trying to help other watch lovers find a good deal.

1. The Rolex Datejust Ref. 16014, 36mm on Jubilee

This watch is a classic Rolex Datejust being offered at a fair price of under 6k. It has a bit of wear and tear (or character, however you look at it), and has a unique but super versatile dial. With new Datejusts starting at an MSRP of about 7k, but impossible to acquire, this might be the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable and robust watch with a classic Rolex vibe. If the jubilee bracelet isn’t your speed, we have some strap options that’ll make this watch look absolutely fresh and new.

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2. The Rolex OysterDate Precision Ref. 3420

This watch is cool because it is totally unique. While it does have a manual wind movement (which is also cool in our opinion), the gold champagne dial is simply stunning. Two-tone is all the rage this year and this Rolex offers the look of a two-tone watch without the added cost of gold. Perhaps a perfect watch for a woman who is looking to rock an everyday Rolex and who wears both yellow and white gold jewelry. It’s a go-with-everything-while-also-standing-out, type of watch. Classic but also unique, and for $3420 is an absolute steal. OK actually, I might want to buy this one now.

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3. The Rolex Datejust Green Dial Ref. 16030

Why this watch is cool is because the dial is Rolex green and it looks to be extremely similar to the ever-popular Rolex Oyster Perpetual with green dial released in 2020 (which is also currently unattainable). I’m obsessed with the dial color and the long narrow indices that remind me of skinny ties and fitted suits. It just looks chic, while also looking fun. Add a curved end leather strap instead of the straight end that’s shown, and the watch becomes truly elevated. The green is fresh but also completely universal. It will pop in the summer while at the beach, but also look completely at home at a winter holiday party. At a price of $5,499 it’s a steal. 

See more details about this watch from Chrono24

We hope this guide helps lead you to some awesome Rolex deals. There’s never a wrong time to purchase your first or your tenth Rolex, and passing up a good deal is often something you’ll regret later on. With the holiday season approaching, having a Rolex watch as a gift is a true luxury experience. If you already have a decent collection at home, the Everest Watch Box is the most stunning box I have ever seen. Everest watch rolls and leather pouches are also incredibly nice gifts for yourself or others. 

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