Gifts for Watch Geeks

Gifts for Watch Geeks

4 slot watch box from everest showing off the swiss microfiber and filled with 4 luxury watches and a leather watch pouchIf you’re like me and you love to give gifts, then you understand the importance of finding that perfect gift for your special someone. Or, maybe you’re the opposite and you dread giving gifts because you never know what to get. Whichever category you fall under, it’s hard to avoid the task of giving the best gift with the holiday season soon approaching. Luckily, we have a wide variety of products that make the ultimate gift for any watch geek no matter the budget or person in mind. 

collection of watch related items including a rubber watch strap a watch pouch and a watch wallet

Watch Straps - Rubber, Leather, Nylon

Everest offers the highest quality of curved end rubber, leather and nylon straps to replace the original bracelet on your Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai watch. Switching the original bracelet to one of ours not only changes the look of the watch, but it also helps to preserve and maintain the value of the watch overtime. All of our products are Swiss Manufactured and our rubber straps are made out of Vulcanized Rubber, while our leather straps are made out of the highest quality Nappa Leather. Depending on your watch model, we have two types of watch strap, which include the tang buckle option and deployant option. Our deployant strap is a unique product because it allows the owner to utilize their original Rolex clasp, while also using one of our rubber or leather straps. Sizing for these straps can be tricky, so be sure to check out our sizing guide HERE

rolex gmt with green rubber deployant strap next to a green rolex box

If you or your loved one does not own a Rolex, Tudor or Panerai watch, but one of our straps would make the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered! We offer our Universal Strap option in rubberleather, and nylon/nato for 20mm and 22mm lug width watches. This is also an awesome option if you are purchasing gifts with a budget!

everest universal black rubber strap on a rolex watch on a tan wrist

Watch Pouches - Leather, Microfiber, Nylon

Watch pouches are an amazing gift option because you do not need to know what model of watch they have, rather any watch will fit into our watch pouches! We offer three different kinds of watch pouches, leather, microfiber and nylon. Each one offers its own unique purpose and fits the vibe of who you are buying the gift for.

omega watch inside a blue leather watch pouch from brand everest

Our leather pouch comes in three color options and is a great gift for a classy individual who you may want to impress. Our microfiber pouch is made out of our Everest exclusive material, comes in three color options, and is a wonderful choice for those who are buying on a budget. Finally, the nylon pouch is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle and may be on the go because it offers a bit more padding and has a sportier look. Each pouch comes with an insert that keeps your watch safe and scratch free when it is not being worn.

all blue watch accessories including a blue rubber watch strap a blue microfiber pouch and a blue leather watch roll.

Watch Wallets/Watch Portfolio

If your watch lover enjoys traveling then the watch wallet or portfolio is the way to go when choosing a gift. The watch wallet is made of Nappa Leather, comes in two color options, and carries up to three watches at a time. Its slender and sleek shape make it the perfect addition to a carry-on or luggage, while also keeping your watches safe and scratch free.

blue leather watch wallet with 3 luxury watches inside

The watch portfolio takes our watch wallet to the next level by not only carrying three watches, but also four bands and two tools. This gift is essential for watch enthusiasts who like to switch out their watch and band often to fit their style. The watch portfolio also has a sleek and slender shape, which makes it very travel friendly. 

leather watch portfolio with slots for straps, tools, and 3 removable watch pouches

Watch Rolls - Leather, Cork

The Everest watch roll is the best gift for watch lovers who need a safe, but stylish space to store their watch! Not only are our watch rolls beautifully designed, but they also offer the owner a piece of mind because they keep the watch safe due to the extra padding and plush pillow it sits on. Each of our watch rolls are made out of Nappa Leather and come in various colors and sizes depending on how big your loved one’s collection is.

everest leather watch roll in 3 slot version green leather

Our sizes range from 1 slot to 4 slot watch rolls, which helps to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. The watch roll also has a flat bottom, so it sits nicely on surfaces and fits well in luggage. In addition, there is a special edition cork watch roll for those who are passionate about sustainability and prefer a more eco-friendly option. eco friendly sustainable vegan cork watch roll filled with 3 watches on rubber straps

Watch Box

Finally, the best, most luxurious gift for a watch geek is our four slot watch box. This box was designed by the premier box manufacturer in Switzerland. It is made out of a matte lacquered finished wood and is lined with soft Swiss microfiber. Each watch slot comes with a Swiss microfiber lined, removable and compressible pillow that helps to keep your watches safe and on display. You truly cannot go wrong with this gift!

4 slot watch box lined with swiss microfiber storing 4 luxury watches and a green leather watch pouch If you aren’t sure what model of watch your special someone has or if you want them to have the choice in what they get, no worries! We have the option of sending a gift card that never expires via email! Or, send it to yourself and then print it out and pop it in a holiday card for a special surprise :)

What will you choose?


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