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The bulk of a watchmaker’s time, energy, and attention to detail is spent on the watch itself: the case, movement, dial – components that give a watch its functionality. However, the strap or bracelet that keeps a watch to your wrist is just as important. Beyond the utility of keeping a watch on your wrist, the strap displays more surface area than the watch itself, making it a crucial component to your watch’s aesthetics. This is why watch straps are often referred to as “the clothes” of a watch. While some people settle for the strap or bracelet that comes with their watch, others find the strap that suits them best. Depending on your lifestyle, taste, and/or occupation, a different strap can make a world of difference for your watch.

While some watchmakers give more attention to their straps than others, straps are our primary focus here at Everest. We’ve spent years developing top of the line watch straps: some for particular models, some universal. Beyond knowing what makes a good strap, we know that one option can never do it all. Leather isn’t waterproof, metal bracelets can be heavy, so on and so forth. There are seemingly endless materials, styles, and types of watch straps to choose from. Assuming your watch is not integrated, meaning it uses the standard springbar and lug system (as opposed to a proprietary bracelet/strap attachment), you can equip it with any number of different straps to fit different occasions. Enter Everest’s line of Universal watch straps.

Within our line of Universal watch straps, we offer three different materials: rubber, leather, and nylon. All of these materials have their pros and cons, and all of them excel in certain contexts. Rubber watch straps have been around for decades, primarily used for dive watches. Rubber is flexible, durable, and fully waterproof. It gives your watch a sportier look. Leather watch straps have been around for even longer. While it lacks water resistance, leather is incredibly strong, soft, and comfortable. Leather is typically associated with dress watches, but looks great with a number of styles. Nylon shares the benefits of both: very strong, very comfortable, and fully waterproof. Nylon is likely the least formal of the three, but looks great as a casual option.

Many people conflate nylon straps with NATO-style straps – let’s clear this up. Not all nylon straps are NATO-style, and not all NATO-style straps are made of nylon. However, the nylon NATO-style strap is a staple among watch enthusiasts: a classic look with rich history. Developed by the British Ministry of Defense in 1973, NATO straps feature an extremely rugged all-in-one construction. The strap slides under your watch’s spring bars, held in place by a short flap on the underside. Because they’re all one piece, NATO-style straps protect your watch from the very rare case of a faulty springbar. If one breaks, your watch will stay on the strap, potentially saving you a fortune in repairs. This 50 year old strap design still holds up as one of the best. Nylon NATO-style straps are waterproof, lightweight, ridiculously strong, and relatively cheap. They’re a great addition to any collection: a utilitarian’s dream. At Everest, we offer a wide selection of nylon straps. Whether you want the aforementioned NATO-style or a slightly less bulky single-pass strap, we have you covered. We offer our 20mm and 22mm nylon straps in a number of different colors: black, blue, navy and gold, khaki, army green, etc. Nylon straps are an affordable way to refresh an old watch. Give it a new look, give it some new utility, and breathe some new life into it.