Finally, A Strap Solution for the Omega Speedmaster!

Finally, A Strap Solution for the Omega Speedmaster!

Over the years, Everest has received countless emails from our customers asking if we had a strap that fits the Omega Speedmaster. We know this is an amazing timepiece that many watch enthusiasts love having in their collection. Because of this, we are so excited to share that we finally have an Everest strap solution for the Omega Speedmaster! Its sleek and sporty style matches perfectly with an Everest universal rubber strap, which were released earlier this year. Everest is all about providing options to change up the look of your timepiece. In this article we are going to discuss the three different universal strap options for any watch with a 20mm or 22mm lug width. 

omega speedmaster watch on a universal rubber strap from everest

Option 1: Universal Rubber Strap

Our universal rubber strap has quickly become one of our most popular products. It is made for any watch with a 20mm lug width and comes in black. This strap is made out of Swiss Manufactured vulcanized rubber and has the aesthetically pleasing curved end that our other specific model watch straps have. It has been over-engineered to fit the curvature of your watch case and your wrist perfectly. This strap offers the definition of versatility- it completely changes up the look of your watch and it fits on any brand watch with a 20mm lug width. It is also equipped with quick-release presto spring bars that allows for a tool-less installation. This strap gives the perfect sporty look that the Omega Speedmaster has been needing! 

showing the underside of a rubber strap on an omega speedmaster watch

omega speedmaster watch on a black rubber universal watch strap

Option 2: Universal Leather Strap

Another option for your Omega Speedmaster is our universal leather strap. This strap comes in nine different color combinations, including hazelnut, camel, navy, cherry, black, gray, cherry with white stitching, tan, and taupe. It also comes in two different sizes, short for 80mm x 120mm wrists and long for 90mm x 125mm wrists. It also comes in two different lug width sizes, 20mm and 22mm. These straps are made out of Italian Vanchetta leather, which is very high quality and the same leather iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach uses. Our universal leather strap option gives your watch a classier, more sophisticated look. 

hazelnut colored leather strap for omega speedmaster made in italy


 taupe colored suede leather watch strap for omega speedmaster made in italy

Option 3: Universal Nylon/Nato-Style Strap

Last but not least is Everest's premium nylon Nato-style universal strap option. This is an awesome option for customers who are budget minded because they are $30.00. This option comes in fourteen color options and are available in single pass and double. These straps also come in two lug width sizes, 20mm and 22mm and are made out of the highest quality seat belt nylon with a gorgeous stainless steel buckle. This is the perfect strap for customers who want to give their Speedmaster a more casual, laid back look! Check out the Omega Speedmaster below rocking a gray Everest Nylon strap. Photo cred: @speedystraps

omega speedmaster watch on everest nylon nato-style strap resting inside a blue leather watch roll

nylon nato-style watch strap with buckle  blue with gold stripe

khaki colored nylon nato-style watch strap with steel buckle

No matter what Everest universal strap you choose, you truly cannot go wrong! Each one is designed to give your watch a fresh, new look and will compliment your Speedmaster perfectly. The Speedmaster also looks fantastic in one of Everest's leather watch rolls. See the gorgeous photo below by @averagewatches. Elevate your Speedmaster and shop our products HERE

omega speedmaster inside of a brown leather watch roll

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