That Seventies Watch: Rolex on Leather Makes a Comeback

That Seventies Watch: Rolex on Leather Makes a Comeback

While there’s a strong trend in watch bands towards silicone rubber, leather straps have seen an increase in interest over the past few years. A high-quality, well-crafted leather strap on a luxury watch emphasizes the tradition and craftsmanship associated with Swiss-made watches like Rolex, Panerai, and Tudor. Choosing a leather strap can be a unique choice that personalizes an heirloom piece or changes the look of a stainless steel model in your collection. 

Why Choose A Leather Strap for Your Rolex? 

The design and construction of a Rolex Oyster bracelet is a thing of beauty, but Rolex enthusiasts like Paul Newman wore the Daytona on a Bund strap to make the watch uniquely his. You may not have the swagger of Newman, but a Swiss watch on a leather strap might get you a little bit closer. Well-made leather straps mold to your wrist for a fit that is like no others. With time, leather straps can develop a natural, gleaming patina from daily use. They look fantastic paired with a vintage watch that’s developed a similar patina on the dial. A leather strap respects and reflects the aesthetic of a watch that’s been worn for thousands of days by the original owner.  


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Rolex Leather Strap Construction Tips 

Look for leather straps that are made with genuine animal hides that are vegetable tanned by expert artisansEverest sources our hides from animals already used for meat production. That way, the entire animal is utilized, not just the hide. When possible, leather made by Italian leatherworkers is ideal. There are hundreds of years of traditions that have been passed down by Italian tanneries, and this heritage is evident in the leather goods that come out of Italy. Vegetable tanned leather will provide leather with an unmistakable shine and hue. (Argentinian Chestnut or Quebraco trees should be sourced for the tannins, an essential ingredient in aging and staining the leather to the perfect color.) Stitching should be minuscule and reinforced for strength, with threads in complementary or contrasting colors.    

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Want More Leather Variety? Try Racing Leather. 

Luxury watch collectors love well-made machines, so it’s no surprise that there’s crossover between watch collectors and vehicle enthusiasts. Everest wanted to acknowledge that connection by offering straps in our racing leather materialthe very same perforated leather that's used in racing cars and other high-performance vehicles. This plush, streamlined option and even lets you showcase both of your passions simultaneously on your wrist.

Written by Meghan Clark

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