Battle of the Beverages: Rolex Coke GMT vs. the Pepsi GMT vs. the Rolex Root Beer GMT

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If you grew up calling it pop, hearing people call it soda is hilarious. If you know in your heart it’s called a soft drink, you just can’t take people calling it “pop” seriously. Whatever you call carbonated beverages, one thing is for sure: they’re delicious. Yet even more delicious than an ice cold Coke is the trio of Rolex’s Soda Pop watches. Since we can’t order a large Coke to go with our popcorn and Jujubes at a theatre, (remember movie theatres?) the next best thing is drooling over these watches. 

The Pepsi GMT Master 

The only thing sweeter than a soft drink is a bicolored bezel on a GMT-Master, and the OG colored bezel is the Pepsi GMT, which Rolex launched in the 1950s. The two colors were originally conceived as a homage to Pan-American Airways. The GMT complication allowed wearers to track the hours while flying through multiple time zones (remember flying through multiple time zones?). The two colors on the bezel differentiate between nighttime hours and daytime hours, a great visual reminder that prevents wearers from calling their Aunt Susie at 3 a.m. 

rolex pepsi GMT

The Best Rubber Strap Colors for the Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master

We love the Everest blue rubber strap for a Rolex Pepsi GMT because it matches the unique blue color on the Pepsi bezel. With the upper half of the bezel matching the blue strap, it provides a deep blue background that contrasts with that gleaming Pepsi red bottom half of the bezel. It’s a GMT that looks even more like a GMT because of how the red pops and draws the eye. Of course, we’ve seen our fans successfully rock a red rubber watch strapa gray rubber strap, and a classic black rubber strap for your Rolex on the Pepsi variant as well. Finally, a dark leather strap on this Rolex transforms this dive watch into a dress watch for evenings out. 

Battle of the Beverages: Rolex Coke GMT vs. the Pepsi GMT vs. the Rolex Root Beer GMT

The Rolex Coke GMT-Master II 

Named of course for the black and red bicolored dial, the Rolex Coke has a color combo as classic as Coca-Cola. Plus, its good looks are just as cool and refreshing. While the Pepsi color scheme was introduced with the arrival of the GMT, the Coke GMT bezel followed years later, landing in 1984 on the GMT-Master II “Fat Lady.” This was a watch with a thick case size and a sapphire crystal. In 1989, Rolex released a stainless steel version with a black and red bezel with the arrival of the stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II. In 2007, Rolex stopped offering this gorgeous bezel color. Don’t give up hope, though. There are always rumors of a ceramic Coke bezel appearing in the near future. 

The Best Rubber Strap Colors for the Rolex Coke GMT-Master II

The red color on this bezel makes a huge impact on the wrist, and it’s important to augment that impact. For this reason, we suggest placing your Rolex Coke GMT-Master II on a red rubber strap. By picking up the color of the bottom half of the bezel, the Coke GMT on a red rubber strap will bring versatility and energy to this iconic dive watch. For a more subtle look, put your Coke GMT-Master II on a gray rubber strap or a black rubber watch strap.  We also love combing our racing leather straps with this GMT-Master.  Both the black and the white variants have red contrast stitching to highlight the bezel color. 

Battle of the Beverages: Rolex Coke GMT vs. the Pepsi GMT vs. the Rolex Root Beer GMT

The Rolex Root Beer GMT-Master II 

Just like actual root beer, the Rolex Root Beer GMT-Master II is an unexpected choice. With a  brown and black bezel, it has an earthy vintage look that suggests rugged travel in obscure locations. In 2018, Rolex gifted collectors with the Refrence 126711CHNR GMT-Master II, a watch with a Root Beer Cerachrom bezel, a Calibre 3285 movement, a 70 hour power reserve, and an unexpected Everose Rolesor case and bracelet. When you’re looking for an alternative to the precious metal bracelet on this GMT-Master II, an aftermarket rubber strap or leather strap can change up the look of your watch in just a few minutes. 

The Best Rubber Strap for the Rolex Root Beer GMT-Master II

One of the most unique pairings we’ve seen is an orange rubber strap on the Rolex Root Beer GMT-Master II. It’s a bold choice that echoes the warm-hued brown on the bezel. You can also pair this Root Beer Rolex with a red rubber watch strap to highlight the striking color of the GMT hand. A matte black rubber strap on this Rolex watch also looks very solid as a counterpart to the other half of the dial. For this watch, leather is also a great option. You can’t go wrong with a brown leather strap for your Rolex to pick up the bezel colors. 


Rolex GMT Rootbeer

Change Your Watch Strap, Change Your Life

Bottoms up! We’re looking forward to the day we can all enjoy drinks together in our local establishments. Until then, you can enjoy a cold beverage on your own back porch, and admire your Everest Band rubber strap on your Rolex Pepsi. In a time of monotony, changing up the little things in life will make this strange time just a little sweeter.

Written by Meghan Clark

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