Everest Gives Back During COVID-19

Everest Gives Back During COVID-19

With COVID-19 changing our daily lives, Everest Bands founder and CEO, Michael DiMartini knew the fight for a new reality would need all the help it could get. Everest tries hard to keep the essence of a Rolex with our Swiss rubber straps, so we want to emulate the goals of Rolex. If you take a closer look, Rolex is more than a watch brand. They give back by promoting sporting events and organizing charities. We're going to take a look at how Rolex inspired Everest to give back to the community.

Rolex supports  numerous philanthropic endeavors around the world. So much so, that it is actually recognized by the Swiss government as a charitable trust. The Wilsdorf Foundation, named after Rolex's founder Hans Wilsdorf, is involved in a variety of organizations such as art institutions, scholarship and apprenticeship programs, sports associations like racing, entrepreneurial programs in the developing world, watchmaking schools, orphanages in and out of Switzerland, and the list goes on. But, Rolex is not exactly open about its activities. We wanted to highlight one of the more recent tennis events and how Rolex gave back. 

In partnership with the Roger Federer foundation, Rolex hosted an event in Cape Town, Africa on February 7th, 2020. The crowd at Cape Town Stadium was lucky enough to witness history in action with two international tennis players: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They went head-to-head in the match in South Africa, raising USD 3.5 million for the charitable Roger Federer Foundation which focuses on giving children a good education in Africa and Switzerland. The match was the sixth edition of this event, but the first to take place on African soil. And, the crowd set a new World Record for the largest attendance at a tennis match.

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So, taking a lesson from Rolex’s actions, Everest felt something needed to be done. We are all in this together. A small team of US businesses and citizens that want to help squash this horrible virus and save lives came together to fight the Covid-19 Virus. Early on in this fight, we all knew that we needed a shield against an enemy we could not see. We worked with our packaging manufacturer to purchase KN95 masks for our staff, our community and various organizations around the world that need them. We were able to combine our funds in a time when money is the tightest it has ever been to purchase 15,000 KN95 masks. 

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We were able to donate the vast majority of these masks to a combination of organizations such as Operation Food Search, the St. Louis County First Responders, and a public drive up giveaway that was hosted with the POST Bar and Grill. It is our #timetogiveback. And it was amazing to see how Everest could help bring our community together to give back. @justinkraudel, part-owner of MONTA Watches and The POST Bar and Grill (a restaurant in St. Louis, MO) noted about the experience: 

  • We are all in this together. A small team including my business partner at MONTA @michaeldimartini and my business partner at The Post @adjglass came together to fight COVID-19. We knew we needed a shield against this invisible enemy, so we worked with our packaging manufacturer and purchased 15,000 KN95 masks. This was done at a time when money was the tightest it’s ever been, but we had to do something. We’ve already donated thousands of masks to Operation Food Search and the St. Louis County first responders but we want to help our friends and neighbors in the community. We greatly appreciate everyone who has supported our businesses, and it’s time to give back! Come see us this Saturday...drinks are on me! 🍻😎

Thanks for joining us. And, stay tuned as we explore more of Rolex and different events. Don't forget to swing by and check out our Swiss Everest Bands here. Every purchase you make at Everest  helps to provide kn95 masks to incredible organizations like Operation Food Search and the First Responders. We appreciate your support of our company as we strive to always give back to our community. #time2giveback #staysafe

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