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by Aleta Saeger June 15, 2020 2 min read

We're off to the races with a focus on Everest's perforated leather racing watch bands as a follow up to our previous story on the relationship between Rolex and Racing here. With three color combinations, you're sure to find that daredevil in you. So, let's slow down and take a closer look at each one. 

Prior to the introduction of sponsorships, cars were painted according to the nationality of the team behind it. For example, we see red cars from Italy (Ferrari and Maserati); England has green cars (Aston Martin, Vanwall, and Jaguar). And, Germany has white or silver depending on if they painted the aluminum or not (Mercedes-Benz). These colors were decided in the early days of racing to assist with making them distinguishable - not only by number but by nationality as well. 

everest perforated leather racing watch bands for rolexImage from

The black and red Everest racing strap bears honor to its inspirational source of the ever famous Ferrari with its red stitching bearing the country's color and the black base reminiscent of race cars' traditional black tires. The perforated leather used is the same leather used in Italian and German sports cars. In contrast, Everest also offers a white and red perforated leather racing strap. 

everest perforated leather racing watch bands for rolex

The next combination Everest Bands offers just for you in the racing leather style is a white perforated leather strap with red stitching. White and red is another popular combination in the racing world. Again, the white reminds us of the famous white German sports cars and red was a traditional paint color used for the numbers.

everest perforated leather racing watch bands for rolex

The final Everest perforated leather racing watch strap we are going to take a closer look at today is the black strap with white stitch. It's a more subtle choice in comparison to the bold red that pops off your wrist, but it is more versatile in looking great on Rolex models such as the Hulk or the BLNR.

everest perforated leather racing watch bands for rolex

As with all Everest Bands specifically made for Rolex models, the Swiss-Made watch bands are curved end. All straps come with two spring bars specific to your model and a 316L stainless steel buckle with a spring bar to connect it to the watch band. Everest's perforated leather watch bands are finished in the French style and stitched to perfection. So, now that you've made your decision on which color combination you plan to rock this summer, race into a new look with Everest Bands

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Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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