Breaking News: Rolex Has Closed its Doors

Breaking News: Rolex Has Closed its Doors

We have just heard from our sources that Rolex has decided to close their offices and manufacturing facilities until March 27th, 2020. Obviously, COVID-19 has become a part of our lives. We need to do what is safe and healthy to not spread the virus. Rolex has always been focused on helping others (by the way, they donate their profits to charity, help cure sickness, build wells in Africa, finance Art programs….basically do the right thing all of the time). So, when it comes to their staff, they want to make sure that they are healthy. It was decided today by the CEO Jean-Fredric Dufour, in a letter to all Rolex staff that they should work from home. We applaud him for the swift action.

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We, at Everest last week, decided to work from home for the next few weeks, so it would be safer for the staff. But there's good news! If you buy an item from our online store or one of our Authorized Dealers (just in the US), we will ship it directly to your home still! We took the necessary steps to ensure that last week to prepare for everyone to still get their straps and accessories.

Additionally, we wrote an article a few weeks ago about Rolex deciding to hold an event for its retailers and press in New York City in late April - here. We are pretty sure that is going to get cancelled. This is a guess, but it has been advised by the US Government, CDC and WHO that we should be staying away from events and trying to stay home during this world crisis. We suspect Rolex will have to follow suit and shut down the event they were planning.

Man, this kinda stinks. It is already hard to get a Steel Daytona, now they are even going to make them for a few weeks. Back to hoping for a unicorn and a Patek. :-)

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  • Alfredo Palao

    I love Rolex watch, I wish I can get one , but it’s not too much that I can afford, may be some one can help me out , I have around $1000 that I can spend to get may be a used one …….. can someone help me? Please respond Email Thank you

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