An Update Every Rolex Sports Watch Needs

rolex deepsea on rubber watch strap

Orange! It's the color you think of when you think of sunshine or joy. Orange gives you the sensation of heat as it’s a featured color in a flame/fires. It’s a very hot color which is just one of the reasons you need to be rocking it on your wrist. And, Everest Bands has a surprise for you! We’ve updated our orange hue just for you. The Everest orange rubber watch band is a new and bolder shade of your favorite strap for your Rolex Submariner or Rolex Daytona

rubber watch strap on rolex daytona

As we approach the new year, it’s time to look forward to new styles and new looks in 2021. Thank goodness we’re saying goodbye to 2020; although 2020 did bring us some fabulous new Rolex models that jumped right into the top trends. But, bring on the orange for 2021 (make sure you take advantage of the last few days of our Holiday sale - 15% off your entire order and a free watch pouch!)...And, back to why orange is the color to be rocking for 2021.

Orange is the go-to color for any outdoor sport. Whether you’re keeping time in the hunting stands or hiking with your Rolex Explorer, orange is the color. Particularly on the Rolex Explorer II 42mm, it really brings out the orange GMT hand and makes it pop. 

everest watch band on rolex explorer ii 42mm rubber watch strap
Image Source @watchcollectorlondon

Orange is also the color associated with diving because the color orange heightens contrast in low-light conditions like overcast weather or deep in the sea. What better choice for your Rolex Deepsea? Strapping up your Rolex sports model with an Everest sport strap gets your blood moving. 

rolex deepsea on rubber watch strap
Image Source @wristdogg

For kicks and giggles, we checked out what orange represents in color psychology theory. According to Color Wheel Pro, orange represents 

  • Enthusiasm
  • Fascination
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Attraction
  • Success
  • Encouragement

We’re all about having a bit more of that in our 2021! If you need any more reason to hop on this growing trend, check out what the Everest #watchfam has to say about the new Everest orange rubber watch strap.

rubber watch strap


Looks GREAT! Comfortable fit, stays in place while lap swimming. Love the look! 👍🏽” - Rick M.

“Bought this for my Rolex Explorer II. Blows the Rubber B clasp version out of the water. Highly recommended!”- Thiara

“Precisely made and a perfect fit. The orange color really makes the orange script on the dial and the orange 24 hour hand “pop” with color. I waited a long time for it, and it makes polar Exp ll sporty.” - Greg B.

“Turned my highly sought after Daytona Ceramic into an incredibly easy to wear every day iconic watch.” - Nicholas W.

“Absolutely awesome!! I have been waiting for this orange band to come out and I’m extremely impressed with the build quality, the fit, the finish, ALL of it! Thank you Everest bands!!” - Luis Q.

Everest’s orange rubber watch bands received an update, and your watch band needs an update too for the new year. This color belongs on your wrist! It’s not your classic black or your brilliant blue, but an Everest orange rubber watch band is coming at you hot!

Header Image Source @rolexdiver

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