5 Gorgeous Tudor Sport Watch Lines on Tudor’s Leather Watch Strap

5 Gorgeous Tudor Sport Watch Lines on Tudor’s Leather Watch Strap

At Everest Bands, we are obviously obsessed with matching the right watch band with our favorite watch for each occasion. Different materials and colors play off the artfully designed hues and contrasts on the watch face. And, Rolex’s sister watch brand - Tudor is no stranger to the game. We’re going to round up the Tudor sports watches you can find with Tudor leather watch bands. 


The first Tudor sports watch we are going to look at today is the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight. It comes with a dark brown leather strap with matching stitch. The strap features the classic folding clasp and safety catch as all of Tudor’s leather straps do. You can also choose the “soft touch” strap and a fabric strap as well, but we’re focusing on our leather because really, leather is what we want to be wearing in this fall weather. And you really don’t need to look any further, with its deep chocolate brown strap celebrating its gold indices and accents, it's like looking at a picture of fall itself.

tudor black bay 58 on leather watch strap

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The next group of Tudor Sports Models that are available on Tudor leather straps have quite the options. Be prepared to make a lot of decisions with this line. First up, there’s the case size. The Black Bay 32 (in either blue or black dial - another decision) is offered with a beige leather watch strap. Moving up in size to the Black Bay 36mm, you’ve got quite a few options here as it's pretty popular among the crowds. With blue and black dial options, Tudor offers beige, brown and black leather straps. The final size in this series is the Black Bay 41mm. As with the 32mm, Tudor offers a beige leather strap - phew that was a lot of options.


tudor  black bay 32 on leather strap

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The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a classic and bold timepiece, and it draws a vintage crowd with its initial glance. With the Tudor Black Bay GMT, you will find what they’ve named a “Tierra di Siena” brown leather strap. The strap encourages the vintage vibe, but with its high functional complications and that it is a dive watch, we may be seeing it on more wrists than we thought. If you're a fan of the Tudor Black Bay and a frequent traveler (or missing traveling), the Tudor BB GMT on its leather strap could be your new calling card this fall.


tudor black bay gmt on leather strap

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Transitioning from Tudor’s GMT strap, we move into what Tudor deems their “aged leather straps.” The Tudor Black Bay Chronograph sports a unique shade of brown - almost more like a chestnut or almond brown with a matching stitch. The softer yet complex appearance of this combination has us pounding on Tudor’s doors. The steel and gold Tudor chronograph however sports a very unique design to its leather strap. Its dark, chocolate brown hues are off set with the light stitching to match the gold elements in the model itself. But, the bulky appearance may be too much for one wrist - good thing the bund is removable.


tudor black bay chronograph on leather watch strap

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And, let’s round this up with the classic Tudor Heritage Black Bay. The highly recognizable burgundy bezel straps up with an aged leather strap with dark goldish stitching. This color and design choice plays off the strong snowflake hands and dial markers, making them instantly pop. Whereas the blue bezel features an aged leather strap with matching stitching - of course, keeping the deep hue and tone of the model.

tudor heritage black bay on leather watch strap
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The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel and Gold comes on the same style strap but with contrast stitching. It plays quite nicely off the champagne color dial and gold elements of the case. And our final two Black Bays, the Black Bay Steel and the Black Bay Dark, both sport a black aged leather strap with matching stitching. The Black Bay Dark even comes with a PVD buckle. And while the straps may look the same, the tone of each is drastically different. The steel bezel version is crisp, clean and brightly contrasts the dark watch band whereas the dark model is striking, and Tudor’s red accents really shine through.

Now that you have seen what Tudor has to offer, you discover what Everest Bands has to offer. The one disenchanting factor with Tudor’s leather watch bands, is there is still a gap between the watch case and the watch band. But, Everest Bands do not sport this gap. With a curved end design, your watch band would connect directly to the case. You will find five great options for your Tudor watch: 

  • Classic Black
  • Black with Contrast Stitch
  • Rich Chocolate Brown
  • Chestnut Brown 
  • Saddle Tan 

tudor black bay 41 leather watch strap

And, of course, Everest  bands are Swiss-Made. It's your turn to play with accessorizing your Tudor watch. You can even choose between a steel buckle or a black DLC coated buckle. Shop Everest leather watch bands for your Tudor model: 

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