Beyond the Watch Band

Beyond the Watch Band

There are more ways than one to customize your Rolex. While swapping out your watch band for an Everest strap may be one of the easiest ways, many owners go further and customize their Rolex watch cases and even dials. While you can pretty much customize any part of a Rolex, we're going to take a look at some customized dials.

One way to customize your Rolex is to add diamonds. Interestingly enough, while diamonds are incredibly valuable, this tends to decrease the value of your Rolex. However, totally unique Rolexes definitely spark conversations. However, if you are looking to build a collection with steadfast value and investment potential, we don't advise looking into adding diamonds to your dial - even if it does make it sparkle. 

custom rolex dials

Customized dials can also be made with semi-precious stone - like opal or onyx. These will definitely create one of a kind timepieces. While the iced out dial may be beautiful to look at, it is worth noting, Rolex will no longer assist you in servicing or repairing your Rolex if you swap out the dials.

customize your rolex

When it comes to acquiring and installing the dial, there are multiple approaches. Some suppliers will sell you the dial and leave it to you to install it (we don’t recommend this). Others will install your dial for you, provided you send your watch to them (again - not really recommended). We suggest if you're going to customize your Rolex dial, take your watch to your favorite local watchmaker. They’ll do the swap, and you’ll have piece of mind.

Customizing your Rolex can really make you stand out from the crowd. Watches, as an accessory, are intertwined with fashion. Fashion is fun and very personal. While we're not sure if we're ready to customize Rolex dials to change Rolex's timeless designs (which we discuss here), but we are all about making your treasured investment more personal for you. 

So if you're not ready to jump in those waters yet, start small by swapping out your bracelet with an Everest watch band to customize your Rolex and preserve your Rolex bracelet. Changing a bracelet is a quick and easily reversed way to customize your Rolex. Additionally, the only way this affects the resale value is in a positive one as you protect  your Rolex bracelet. 

customize your rolex

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