Rolex's Timeless Designs

Rolex's Timeless Designs

Fashion is an ever evolving wheel where trends quickly come and go. How has Rolex’s designs been able to maintain success throughout the ups and downs of societal challenges? 

A Rolex is an investment, but it is specifically designed to be able to be worn every day. If you’re a bit particular about scratches on the bracelet or looking for a comfortable watch band, our Everest Bands allow you to be versatile with your Rolex. You can choose your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai model here. Different innovations over time can change the entire watch industry, and Rolex has been a leader in these technological advancements. 

Rolex released a self-winding mechanism with the release of the Oyster Perpetual in 1931 -  paving the way for a new era. The Datejust was the first self-winding timepiece to feature a date. The Submariner was, arguably, the first automatic watch to withstand depths up to 100 meters. There are so many examples of Rolex being the first to release these achievements.

the first oyster perpetual 1931

With all of their advancements though, they have maintained a relatively common design within the different models - specifically the sports line. However, Rolex has been known to release some very specific/unique designs (like the Mickey Mouse Datejust).

rolex datejust 

Adding small modern elements here and there, each new release always seems to pay tribute to its origin. For example, the Ceramic GMT Master 2 that was released just last year was released on a Jubilee bracelet. This is a flash back to the past as the original GMT Masters were released on Jubilee bracelets. Rolex is always revealing creative ways to celebrate the past - their previous timepieces that were perfection during their prime. Don't forget to check out watch bands for that model here.

rolex gmt on jubileeImage from Fratello Watches

The latest modern element that is starting to gain popularity is the oyster flex bracelet. While it doesn’t bridge the gap between watch case and watch band like Everest Bands does, it does pave the way for the popularity of rubber watch bands for your Rolex. The first Oysterflex bracelet was released in 2015 - two years after Everest curved end rubber watch bands hit the market. You can read more about what makes our watch bands different here.

rolex oysterflex bracelet

This modern element incorporated into Rolex’s timeless designs encourages the new trend and fashions as well as respecting the previous models’ success. Rolex’s timeless designs with flashy features here and there are backed by cutting edge technology. Few timepieces can be called timeless as models continue to evolve. These trusted timepieces have persevered. We look forward to seeing what Rolex will do next. While we may not see any new models from them this year (which you can read more about here), we are reassured they will persevere.

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