3 Important Tips for Your 2021 Style and Accessories

3 Important Tips for Your 2021 Style and Accessories

As we launch into the new year of 2021, many of us have made our watch wish list and resolutions for this year - including Everest employees. One of our resolutions is also to make sure our style is on point this year. Getting ready to step back into normality, we want to make sure we’re looking our best and feeling confident. And, one of the key elements to any outfit is accessories. Here are 3 essential matching rules for coordinating outfits and accessories to walk out in confidence. 


One of the first things to know about putting together your attire is to not only understand the environment but also appreciate that fashion is ever evolving with new trends but also with each new season. We took a closer look at the white rubber and orange rubber watch band styles that are trending this winter, but we also took a look at one of the top fall watch trends this year. Today, we’re going to take a look at why some of these trends appeared by understanding how to dress for the season. 

The first thing you need to understand is fashion is heavily based on personal preferences. There is no “right” color, but there are seasonal trends. Colors have different temperatures whether it be warm (like colors of the sunset or daylight) or cool colors (like colors associated with overcast light). For example, we see warm colors like neutrals in the fall. 

fashion for 2021

The spring brings us hints of brighter, bolder accents. Whereas summer brings us even more brighter colors that are more associated with sunsets. Winter finds us in cooler colors like grays, blacks and whites unless you’re needing a bright boldness to brighten your life.


When choosing colors for your attire and coordinating accessories, there are four style types you can choose from: 

1. Monochromatic is when colors are from the same family but they may be a different shade. For instance, different brown tones. This is where the “never mix brown and black” rule stems from. As you can see below, blue is the color family chosen featuring a curved end leather watch strap in blue on a Rolex Explorer II

fashion 2021

2. Analogeous is when you use 3 different colors with a strong, more bold color as the focus. This color scheme is a bit more adventurous. For example, you could use a chestnut brown leather watch band on your Rolex Submariner Ceramic No-Date as your focal point to compliment more subtle shades like gray and navy blue, so the focus is drawn to the rich chestnut brown leather watch band and your beautiful timepiece. 

fashion 2021
Image Source @gulenissen

3. Triadic is when you use 3 different colors laying equal distance from each other on the color wheel. The praline leather on the Panerai Luminor 44mm plays perfectly with the blues and blacks of the background. It's all about choosing bold colors with each other. 

2021 fashion trends

4. The finale color scheme is complementary. This is when you use colors opposite each other on the wheel. You can choose to use complementary colors that are bold and eye-catching, or more subdue, based on the look you are going for. In this case you could pair a saddle tan leather watch band on your Rolex Submariner with white and blue colors. It’s a bit more bold with its striking appearance, but nothing too shocking to the fashion world. 

rolex submariner on leather watch strap

These color styles are for your entire wardrobe in general. But, let’s take a closer look at some specific guidelines when it comes to leather accessories.


When it comes to leather accessories, leather colors must match. This may seem like a self-explanatory rule, but diving a bit deeper there are exceptions. When we say leather must match leather, it does not mean devoting your time to finding the exact same sourced leather. In fact, all leather pieces are unique and patina differently based on use/exposure to certain elements. We mean that the leather must stay within the same color family. 

For example, if you’re wearing brown boots, you’ll want to wear a brown belt. Your leather watch strap must be within the same color palette as your other accessories. Luckily, we’ve got you covered there with both curved end leather watch bands and steel end link leather watch bands here

leather watch band on rolex submariner

So, embrace this new year with confidence in your new style choices because confidence comes from learning to trust your intuition. Step out of your door knowing your look is tight.

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