Who Wore a Rolex?

Who Wore a Rolex?

Who wears Rolex? Why do they wear Rolex? Age old question! Churchill reportedly wore a Rolex as well as  Dwight D. Eisenhower to drop a couple of quick notables from years ago. My guess is they didn’t wear them to get noticed or look important or try to impress someone else. I believe its the opposite actually, and I think you’ll agree. So, why have so many famous people from past to present made the choice to strap the famous piece of gold or steel to their wrist (Rolex of course!)? Simple! They are already successful and rely on the fact that the Rolex is a rather remarkable timepiece that is always, and I mean always, fashion acceptable and mechanically dependable. You won’t find quartz movements inside of a Rolex anymore – Rolex actually invented the Quartz movement though! Some of the classics strapped to a wrist have been the standard iconic Submariner, GMT Master II, Daytona , DateJust,  Yacht Master and the Explorer to name a few.

 Dwight D. Eisenhower
What I can assume about the fine folks who wear them are not sporting the watch because they are famous. More so, its the fact that they are particular, articulate, perhaps fanatical. From Hollywood celebrities to National Sports figures to international moguls, many celebrities wear Rolex watches.
The people that own them realize they can wear it for years and years and then, hand it down as an heirloom because they are just that reliable. Sure, some famous folks could strap on a Petak Phillipe which is probably much more expensive but that’s not what they are trying to prove, simply because they no longer need to prove anything to anyone. So lets take a walk down the who’s who lane of Rolex wearers.
James Bond
In no particular order: Manny Pacquiao reportedly wears the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II worth an estimated 5 million pesos. That’s a lot of “Pesos”   but again – he can afford to wear anything he cares to. Reportedly all these folks do:  Matt Damon sports a Rolex as well as Elle Macpherson and David Beckham. Kim Kardashian probably has quite a collection. Who else you ask – Nicholas Cage, Usher, Rev Jessie Jackson. This list is endless- George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio. Paul Newman raced the fastest cars in the world, so I’m guessing time was important to him as well. It’s about reliability – dependable time from a company of exacting engineering standards that don’t cut corners.  I saw a photo of Jennifer Aniston wearing one also. Ashton Kutcher reportedly likes the Sea Dweller. Ewan McGregor.
Jennifer Aniston
Again, the list is just too long name everyone. But suffice to say, you can start to understand why they do. They want to; they chose to. It is a conscious decision that doesn’t involve wanting to get noticed because it a Rolex. Let’s face it – wearing a Rolex just doesn’t need an explanation!


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