Tudor Black Bay 58: Is this Watch for You?

Tudor Black Bay 58: Is this Watch for You?

Should you buy the Tudor Black Bay 58 (Fifty-Eight on Tudor's Website)? I really like this question because I really like this watch, but it is not for everyone. Let’s take a deep dive on this modern variation of a vintage style homage watch that has been gaining popularity lately.

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If you are a watch technology guy, this is not the watch for you. If you want a Tudor that has a fully adjustable clasp, luminous ceramic, a titanium case that makes it light as a feather - the Pelagos is your timepiece. If you are a guy who wants to know the date, this is not your Tudor watch. If you like watches that have girth or presence due to the fact that they are big, this is not your Tudor watch. However, if you are a James Bond fan (pre-Pierce Brosnan) then this is your watch. If you want a watch that will be debonair on the wrist and may make you look just a touch fancy and smart for wearing a GILT dial but still have the basic dive watch physique, look no further than the Black Bay 58.

Here is the dimension that most stands out to me….39mm wide case. Why is this you ask? Because, it is literally a totally different case size than what has been coming out of Tudor (and Rolex) for quite some time. However, this size of case is perfect on the wrist and fits the homage to the past that this watch was inspired from. The design itself was inspired by the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Ref. 7922. This watch is almost indiscernible to its Rolex counterpart with only the Rolex logo on the dial being the biggest difference from an aesthetic standpoint. 

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Probably the best feature, other than its classic look, is the size and comfort of the watch. I have worn more comfortable watches than the Black Bay 58, but I have not worn watches that usually look this good and wear this well. One item that I would like to see is a half-link in the bracelet which is offered on the current Submariner. Also it would be nice to see possibly some sort of simple glide adjustment instead of the basic micro-adjustment three position clasp.

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One piece of technology that I should mention is the movement. It is COSC certified. This means that the movement was tested by an independent Swiss testing group that verifies its accuracy of +4/-6 seconds a day). To our knowledge, this movement only powers this specific watch. It does not have a date wheel function. There is not some sort of phatom date when you pull out the crown - just like James Bond had back in the day. However, it has a hefty 70-hour power reserve and is an in-house design by Tudor. The fact that Tudor did not rely on ETA to help make this watch possible is simply a feat in itself.

A few other features that really stand out to me are the bezel action. It is smooth. For 60-clicks, it may be simply perfect. The thinness of the rim of the bezel does make it a little hard to turn depending on the position of your fingers. 

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Regarding the finishing on the dial and hands, they are perfect. Clearly, Tudor is not skimping on this. The semi-matte finish is flawless. The round indices are perfect, and the printing is immaculate. Many will say that they are not fans of the Tudor Snowflake hands, but I love them. Lastly, the crown easily unscrews and always finds the threads. No corners were cut when it comes to overall quality.

So, if you are looking for a homage to the mid-century dive watches that has all the modern perks, the Tudor Black Bay 58 is for you. Sadly, it is usually tough to get your hands on these days. Frankly, if you see one in the window of an Authorized Dealer, get it. You will not be disappointed. Shop Swiss Everest watch bands for your Tudor models here. If you would like to see our Youtube review on the original Black Bay vs the Black 58, see below.

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