Where the Grass is Greener on the other Side

Where the Grass is Greener on the other Side

We’ve really learned how to really appreciate the outdoors. Last spring, many of us had to find new hobbies - gardening was a popular choice. Forced to stay home, we found time to take up neglected pursuits. Some of us found new hiking routes or discovered that we enjoy camping, but either way, we found our way outside. 

rolex airking on green rubber strap

Life still hadn’t returned to normal by the start of winter, so once again we found ourselves cooped up in the house (or at least we did where Everest headquarters is located). BUT, it’s that time again, rain rain go away, come again another day. It’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine because we’re seeing GREEN! So, why do you need green and what are some of Everest Bands’ favorite combinations?

Green buds on trees, green grass under our feet which means, you’re about to start hearing the common sounds of lawn mowers. It only makes logical sense to strap up your favorite Rolex timepiece with a Swiss-Made green rubber watch band. But, if you’re not having to pull out your lawn mower and start it up, maybe go out and pick up a fresh plant for the home. A fresh start with a fresh watch band is just what the doctor calls for. Plants also help reduce stress in the home and improves your mood. Who doesn’t want that?

Not only does this watch strap create awesome eye candy in a complete custom look, but it also preserves your Rolex bracelet. Whether you’re strapping up your Rolex Submariner or Rolex GMT LN, you’ve got to check out Everest’s favorite color (and not just because we’re huge fans of Rolex watches). It’s available with a tang buckle (which you can also get in either DLC coated black or gold), or you can choose from our deployant sizes which mimic a Rolex bracelet oyster links. Any combination of 4, 5 or 6 links are offered. Phew, so many choices. If you need any help with sizing, which we share a sizing video here, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

But, a new season isn’t the only reason we’re looking for a new look. Changing out your bracelet really changes the look of your Rolex watch. You can check that out more here. Depending on what color you choose, you pull out beautiful details of the dial or bezel. We all know Rolex’s signature color is green, so they use green hues in multiple Rolex watch lines. 

The green Everest rubber watch band looks killer on the Rolex GMT LN. With the green seconds hand and the watch model’s indication, green is the most logical choice. It draws on Rolex’s expertly designed variants.

rolex hulk on green rubber strap

Another favorite is the Rolex Submariner Hulk. It screams put green on me! And, since we said goodbye to any new production models, we’re anxious to really have fun with our friend. Green is the perfect color for your Swiss-made rubber watch band to preserve your Rolex bracelet. Your wrist will scream Rolex with all that gorgeous green goodness.  Or for an even more unique look, try a green strap on your Daytona.

rolex daytona on green everest band

A final model we’re going to draw your attention to is the Rolex Air-King which sports a green second hand and has the Rolex logo written on the dial in green. Popping an Everest green rubber watch band on that beauty will really pull out those signature elements.

rolex air king on green rubber everest band

With 2021 predictions popping up all over the watch world, will we see a Rolex oyster flex be released in green? Doubtful, but it will be fun to see what’s new. And, in the meantime, you can strap up with Everest’s green rubber watch bands. We’d love to hear from you about which combo is your favorite. Don’t forget to drop a comment below, and let us know: Now that you’re ready to take the plunge and go green, our final question for you is: what day will you be turning on the mower? 


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