What Sports can you Play Wearing a Rolex?

what sports can you play wearing a rolex

Rolex watches have been designed to withstand extreme conditions. Whether it’s a deepsea adventure or a climb up the mountain, we know a Rolex will beat the extreme weather conditions. But, the question we’re going to explore today is whether a Rolex sports model can survive the extreme impact of a bat meeting a ball or the swing of a golf club. Rolex is steeped in different sporting events, but can it be worn during the activity of the event?

Every element from the Oyster case to the Oyster bracelet is assembled together to create a masterpiece. The Rolex sports models go through quite the testing process to be dubbed a Superlative Chronometer. The green seal that comes with every Rolex watch is a symbol of its status as a Superlative Chronometer. This means the watch’s waterproofness, self-winding and power reserve have undergone multiple testing.

what sports can you wear a Rolex during?

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The oysterlock secures against accidental knocks and everyday movements. The bracelet and clasp can withstand the toughest of forces. The new oysterlock on the professional Rolex models went through 26 different drop tests. Additionally, it was placed in tanks of chlorine and salt water with sand. It is opened enough times under these conditions to compare to three time’s the clasps’ life.

what sports can you wear a rolex for

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This exclusive shock-testing equipment submits the watch to an impact equivalent to 5,000 G – hundreds of times more than a car crash test. Yet, the watch has to remain unharmed and fully functional afterwards, maintaining the highest real-life standards of accuracy and appearance befitting a Rolex. Thus, the biggest factor to consider when wondering what sports can you wear a Rolex for is the weight of the watch. This is because it could affect your swing in high-impact sports. 

The oyster case protects against water, dust and shocks, so it is really a personal preference. Some people warn against wearing a mechanical watch due to the jolting of movements and the shock of a club or racket when it hits a ball. But, it's more of do you want the added weight of the watch on its wrist. For example, most golf players choose not to wear a watch. Additionally, for tennis players, some choose to and some do not. 

what sports can you wear a rolex for

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You will see football players and racers rock their timepieces. We took a look at Formula 1 last week to see who had what on their wrist here and here. And of course, Rolex sports models such as the Rolex Deepsea and Rolex Submariner are built for swimming and diving. Though, you probably won’t see a professional swimmer with a Rolex on their wrist - again to prevent against any added weight. If you want to remove some of the added weight, you can always switch from a Rolex Oyster bracelet to an Everest Rubber watch band.

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Let’s take a look at what watch enthusiasts have to say about wearing a Rolex sports model during activities. Watch-you-seek takes a toll on what activities watch wearers will wear their Rolex watch for. Here are some of the responses below:

I can't wear my Rolex when I'm running or cycling. It's just too bulky and heavy and I'm scared of messing it up if ever I crash on the bike. I've worn my Sub while I'm out swimming (in the pool or in the ocean) except for when I'm actually training (i.e. doing intervals and other sets) where I need a stop watch function.” 

“That's right, you shouldn't wear (other) automatic watches while playing golf, but this rule doesn't apply to Rolex sports models!” 

Rolex does state that you can wear a Rolex during sports. So, what activities would you wear your Rolex for?

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