What rock star watch choices say about their personal style

What rock star watch choices say about their personal style

Most true rock stars can pick whatever they want to wear on their wrists. Quite often their choices say a lot about their personalities and when we take a look at some of favorite rock icons and the watches they are best known for.

Bruce Springsteen Submariner

Photo credit: RolexMagazine.com

Bruce Springsteen Rolex Submariner

The Boss naturally chooses a classic, a stainless steel Sub that goes well with his trademark "Born in the U.S.A." blue jeans and white T-shirt look. The classic Submariner is understated and can withstand the energetic shows Springsteen is known for. When he writes about his journeys in the Swamp Lands of Jersey, we can picture his Sub as a faithful companion.

Mick Jagger Heuer Carrera

Photo credit: MrPingLife.com

Mick Jagger Heuer Carrera

The Rolling Stones frontman certainly has a flashy sense of personal style that ranges from leopard print jackets to yellow leotards with red knee pads. But the fact that he chose to wear a Heuer Carrera for much of his heyday shows that he knows what accessories make for timeless style. 

David Bowie Longines

Photo credit: British GQ

David Bowie Longines Agassiz 

Of course the Thin White Duke would choose a thin gold dress watch in the form of the Longines Agassiz, which he wore on stage at Live Aid. This time-only watch represents the smooth elegance of Bowie who never needed a big showpiece to flaunt effortless style.

Brian May Seiko Dive Watch

Photo credit: MonochromeWatches.com

Brian May Seiko 7548-7010

These days, Queen lead guitarist Brian May has his limited edition Seiko 5 dive watch with red dial, but he was best known for wearing a quartz Seiko diver, the 7548, which closely resembles the new classic SKX007, best know as the affordable gateway watch for mechanical watch lovers. Sturdy, robust and precise, this affordable diver is an ideal match for a man who feels confident in being low-key about his tremendous talent.

Paul McCartney Patek Aquanaut

Photo credit: PatekMagazine.com

Paul McCartney Patek Philippe Aquanaut

The Beatles legend chose to wear the very low-key Patek Philippe Aquanaut late in his career. It's a simple sport watch that doesn't scream look-at-me. Yet, Sir Paul knows how to enjoy the finer things in life and a versatile Patek is an ideal choice. The Aquanaut works well for someone who doesn't need to flaunt anything because of his earned confidence based on achievements.

Keith Richards Cartier Panthere

Photo credit: Watchonista.com

Keith Richards Panthère de Cartier

Of course Keith Richards would wear a unisex watch. That's his style. We couldn't imagine a more perfect watch for the Rolling Stones' guitarist, who has always pushed the style envelope. The Cartier Panthere works well with his extensive jewelry collection and emits edgy energy while firmly remaining on the conservative side of brand choices. The upscale wrist game of Richards is a smart juxtaposition to his tattered fashion sense.

Eric Clapton Watches

Photo credit: SwissWatchExpo.com

Eric Clapton Rolex Daytona

Eric Clapton is a known watch collector with an extensive list of great watches to his name. Perhaps his most sough-after piece is his “Oyster Albino” Daytona ref. 6263 (which has been sold at auction), known for its white dial and extreme rarity. He also has a "Red" Submariner 1680 and many coveted Patek models too. Clapton has never been know for his fashion, so it's fitting that he let his wrist game make a statement.

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