What Will Rolex Discontinue in 2024?

What Will Rolex Discontinue in 2024?

We are just two weeks away from finding out what Rolex will release in 2024! However, no one wants to talk about which Rolex watches are heading to the graveyard. Every year, Rolex kills something off with literally no word about it. For me, the hardest to stomach was the BLNR GMT Master II’s disappearance from the window at Baselworld 2018 — without even a hug goodbye. Thank the lord they brought it back! So, which watches are going the way of the dodo bird in 2024? Let’s discuss what we think.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Image Source: MD-Watches

First off, the Rolex Yacht-Master II — the Rolex that literally screams small-time mobster. With its 44mm case and strange timing mechanism that really no one actually knows how to work, this one should probably find its way to the exit at the club. If you own this watch and love it, more power to you. But this writer just never understood how this watch, that throws oversized mall watch vibes so hard, made it into the permanent collection for this many years.

GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’

Image Source: Hodinkee

Second, and this is going to hurt if it happens, but the Pepsi variation of the GMT Master II has been rumored for years that it’s on its swan song. PLEASE ROLEX DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!! This is an icon in your stable. I for one may shed a tear if this beauty is a goner in 2024. C’mon Rolex, don’t do it. 

Day-Date ‘Puzzle Dial’

Image Source: aBlogtoWatch

Third, the all-gold puzzle dial 36mm Day-Date. This amazing work of craftsmanship has not made it to many wrists in the past year. From years of following Rolex, I recognize this as a sign that they are going to kill it off. The dial seems like a real pain in the butt to make, and I suspect that Rolex will put this masterpiece out to pasture in 2024. I’ve also noticed that Rolex loves to make a Day-Date variation for a year or two and then cut it from the roster. 

Oyster Perpetual ‘Celebration Dial’

Image Source: Hodinkee

Last up is the ‘Celebration Motif’ Rolex Oyster Perpetual: I have a gut feeling that Rolex is going to drop this watch like 3rd period French. Looking to the past, the Turquoise 41mm variation of the Oyster Perpetual was in production for about twelve months, and this gorgeous example of Rolex having fun seems like the next up at the guillotine. I love this watch also, and frankly love that Rolex was so bold with its use of color. However, the second I saw it – I just got the feeling this was a one-year-only watch.

In closing, we are going to be covering the Watches & Wonders show this year. Expect some exclusive coverage on our Instagram; as we find things out, so will you! Our writers will be on the ground in Geneva to cover the show and get you to-the-second information about what Rolex, Tudor, and many other Swiss brands will be releasing (and discontinuing) in 2024.

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