Three Watches that are Tough as Nails

Three Watches that are Tough as Nails

It seems as watch aficionados at one point or another, we have all started the long search for a watch that we could wear in any situation. The watch we wouldn’t have to worry about. Throw it on, and forget about it. The watch we don't mind getting banged up while we’re working on the car or scratched by the sand at the ocean. But...even as nerdy as we want to get about toughness on the watch, we still wanted something stylish and cool. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few watches that even the roughest of wearers won’t have to worry about. 

Rolex Submariner 


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First and perhaps the most expensive on our list is the current Rolex Submariner. Often referred to these days as a luxury timepiece (we don’t disagree), but it was initially brought into the world as a tool watch. Built as a watch that divers and explorers could wear and with high water resistance, it is a watch meant to do it all. Rolex started using 904L steel in 1984, but it was 2003 when the brand started using it for their full production lines instead of 316L. The common misconception is that 904L steel is tougher than 316L while actually they both score just about the same on the Rockwell hardness scale. But, why would Rolex use 904L, and why does it make the Submariner a tough watch? Well, 904L steel contains higher amounts of Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum, and that’s important because it causes a major delay in corrosion of acidic liquids and chloride on stainless steel. 

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For a dive watch like the Submariner, which could be worn everyday through every type of situation, this is super important as sweat and saltwater won’t deteriorate any part of the case over the years. It is truly a watch designed to last lifetimes. Preserve your bracelet even longer with one of our Everest Bands for your Rolex Submariner, here!

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Victorinox I.N.O.X. 


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Next on our list is a watch that comes from a brand that knows all about tools and toughness. The Victorinox I.N.O.X is a watch that has truly been put through the test! On average, most Swiss watches are put through about 80 certification tests, the I.N.O.X. is put through 130 tests! Some of the tests this sports watch was put through include a 20 meter (or 3 story) drop, vibration test, 8 ton constant pressure test and a temperature shock test in which they cool the watch down to -70F and then increase the heat immediately to +160F. 


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Victorinox aims for their I.N.O.X pieces to reflect the values of their well known Swiss Army Knife: authentic, robust and reliable in all conditions. With options in stainless steel, titanium and options for ladies too, Victroniox has really hit it out of the park with this one of a kind tool watch that's sure to handle anything you toss at it. 


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The next watch on our list is not just an incredibly tough tool watch but a whole brand built around that idea. That brand would be Casio G-Shock. We couldn’t pick just one watch here because well...there’s just too many to choose from! Even the collectors with the most expensive collections tend to still be attracted to the occasional G-Shock, and for good reason! Built not only to keep time, but to truly be an accessory to our needs pre “smartwatch” era, G-Shocks have been putting ruggedness on our wrist since the early 80s. As much as we love mechanicals, there’s certain activities we’d rather not put them through, one of them being loads of “shock.” The G-Shock concept is that it can be dropped and hit over and over, and its core module shall remain intact with no harm and no disturbance in timekeeping. 

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(credit @a_girl_and_her_watches)

Keeping incredible accurate time, having stopwatch functionality, a night reading light and being almost indestructible has led the brand to not only survive the quartz crisis but still survive and thrive today. With added features in many models such as bluetooth connectivity and solar battery charging technology, it’s no secret why so many are attracted to G-Shock. With so many models out there, there’s sure to be one to catch your eye. 

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Written by K.T. Morales

Header Image Source: Everest Bands

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