Watches for Running and Can You Wear a Mechanical Watch?

Watches for Running and Can You Wear a Mechanical Watch?

The pandemic has created a new flock of runners. People who never imagined themselves as the running type realized that getting outside and running was a relatively safe, low-cost activity that could be done with some proficiency by beginners.

The Everest Journal team likes to wear a watch when running… and for most every other time in our lives. During the pandemic, it hasn’t been as much about tracking pace and mileage, it’s more about just getting it done and making sure we get back home in time to take care of family and work.

G-Shock Rangeman

Photo courtesy of Casio

So for that purpose, we like an inexpensive G-Shock with easy to reach buttons even when wearing gloves. The Rangeman GW9400-1 is a great example of such a watch. Big buttons, big display, and durable resin case make it impervious to whatever conditions you may face out there. In addition, the watch was intended for rescue workers, so you can track altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and direction.

Suunto Ambit3

Photo courtesy of Suunto

For more serious runners who like to track their runs, we’ve had good experiences using the Suunto Ambit3 Run. The GPS-equipped watch is configured for heart-rate monitoring too and connects to its software so you can create a running log so you can observe your mileage and pace over your course. The GPS signal pickup and charging have been consistent for us over the last year. Depending on your specific needs and preferences on looks, options for GPS runners watches from Garmin and Polar have also been highly recommended by our runner friends.

Apple Watch

Photo courtesy of Apple

If you already own an Apple Watch, you can easily use it for running. Runner’s World rated the Apple Watch high (noting a shorter battery life) for running purposes. If you live in an Apple universe, the brand makes it easy, of course, to sync your devices and simplify your life. If you like to wear your dedicated fitness watch for lifting weights and other pursuits, the Apple Watch is more fragile than some of the more rugged watches we’ve mentioned in this article. That said, the Apple Watch is one of the most versatile and capable pieces of tech we’ve used.

Rolex Submariner 14060m

Photo by The Watch Club

But at the end of the day, we are here for our love mechanical watches and I can assure you, it’s fine to run with any decent automatic watch of a certain build quality. In fact, I regularly run with Rolex Submariner 14060M. I swing kettlebells, swim laps and do a lot of active pursuits with the Sub. In fact, I use the timing bezel to time my runs and it certainly has not suddenly become errant in its timekeeping. Wearing my sub on a rubber strap makes it considerably lighter as well which makes running easier.

For me I like the purity of the run. I don’t wear headphones. I just get in touch with my thoughts and breathing, so a simple watch that doesn’t need to be charged suits me fine. No matter what, running is a great way to maintain a baseline of fitness. If you’re not a runner yet, start slow and keep the runs short. Like any good habit, it gets easier with reps.

Grab a rubber strap for your Rolex and go running with it!

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