Watch Straps And Accessories: The Blue Edit

Watch Straps And Accessories: The Blue Edit

Whether you say blue, azul, 蓝色, bleu, or blau, there is no debate that this color is consistently the most universally liked color in the world. Numerous international studies dating back to the early 1900s to as recently as today have indicated that blue is always beloved by people all over the world. Blue makes us think of the sky on a clear day, or the calm vastness of the ocean, and it gives us a sense of calm, safety, and security. It comes as no surprise that in 2022, the Pantone Color of the Year was Very-Peri, a blue based color with purple undertones, and many shades of blue have earned this accolade in the past.

blue rubber watch band on a rolex blnr watch with splashing water

The watch world is also not exempt in its love for all things blue. According to the watch standard, after a recent poll the most popular watch dial color is black at 43% but a very close second was blue at 39.2%. Every year new watches are released from top brands and there’s always a blue dial variety. A blue watch deserves some blue hot watch accessories. From watch pouches to rolls, to rubber and leather watch straps, Everest has all the best blue watch accessories. 

blue rubber watch band on a rolex watch in a fancy watch box

So let's all enjoy the Blue Edit: A Roundup of some of Everest's best and most popular blue watch accessories.

Blue Leather Watch Pouch and Blue Microfiber Watch Pouch

blue leather watch pouch with an omega watch on top of it

Everest watch pouch in navy blue looks amazing with every watch. In addition to looking and feeling great, the Italian Nappa leather also smells amazing, and protects your watch perfectly.

all blue watch accessories including a blue rubber watch strap a blue microfiber pouch and a blue watch rol. 

blue microfiber watch pouch with a rolex inside

For a more casual look, try the microfiber watch pouch made from buttery soft, exclusive Swiss microfiber. Either one of these pouches are the perfect blue accessories for any watch. 

Blue Leather Watch Wallet

side profile of an everest watch wallet in blue to show how thin it is

blue leather watch wallet with 3 watches inside

The blue leather watch wallet is the perfect travel accessory for watches as it can hold 3 watches and folds up with a slender profile. The size is approximately the size of a Louis Vuitton zippy wallet which allows it to slide perfectly into a briefcase, carryon, handbag, or any other piece of luggage. Your watches will be protected from damage during transit and travel.  orange strap on a rolex, on top of a blue leather watch roll and several other watch accessories

Blue Rubber Watch Straps

blue rubber watch band on a blue rolex watch

Ahhh, blue rubber on a Rolex is such a perfect fit. Just look at the case connection between the Everest rubber strap and the Rolex GMT Master II. Holy Batman, a blue rubber watch strap on a Rolex BLNR is truly a match made in blue heaven.

blue rubber strap on a rolex blue and gold submariner watch

A blue rubber strap on a Rolex Submariner "smurf" is also a perfect match. Did you know Everest allows you to choose between a steel, black, or even gold buckle for no additional cost? 

two rolex watches one with a blue rubber strap and one with a green rubber strap

Blue Leather Watch Bands

rolex with a blue leather band on it, next to a braided blue leather bracelet

Photo Source: Rolex Forums

A customer shows off this classic combo of a Rolex Submariner on a stunning blue leather watch band, and shares his experience on Rolex Forums. 

Blue Leather Watch Roll

navy blue leather watch roll with 2 watches inside
navy blue leather watch roll for 3 watches with 3 watches inside

Feeling blue without these watch accessories in your life? No worries, Everest has everything you need and want in stock right now. The watch straps come in both leather and vulcanized Swiss rubber, and the choice of a tang buckle option and a deployant option where you utilize your existing Rolex clasp. For travel options, the blue watch walletblue watch rollblue leather watch pouch, and blue microfiber pouch are all excellent options. Everest products are designed in the USA, Swiss-Made, and available to ship for free to customers in the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe. Read nearly 3,000 5-Star customer reviews.


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