Watch Storage Ideas - From Watch Pouches to Watch Rolls to Watch Boxes and More

Watch Storage Ideas - From Watch Pouches to Watch Rolls to Watch Boxes and More

leather watch roll in hands with 3 watches inside

Back in the day, your pops maybe had one nice watch that almost never left his wrist. When he wasn’t wearing it, he either left it out on the nightstand, or more likely wrapped it in a sock, and threw it in his sock drawer. Either way, these methods damaged the watch, scratched the watch, or caused the watch to get lost. Times have changed since then, and men have become much more sophisticated and intentional in how they want to treat their watches. Long gone are the days of throwing your Rolex into a sock and calling it good enough. Men today on average have 3-4 watches in their monthly rotation, and many men have quite a few more than this. These watches range from daily beaters to expensive investments to irreplaceable family heirlooms. Let’s look at some awesome watch storage ideas for men who have only one watch, to men with a larger collection of watches.

Watch Storage Ideas for One Watch - Watch Pouch

For one watch, the perfect watch storage solution would be a watch pouch.  Similar to a service pouch you might receive after servicing a Rolex, these pouches are often lined in soft, Swiss-microfiber and perfect for keeping your watches safe, clean, and protected. Everest offers three varieties of watch pouches to meet the needs of every watch collector.

Leather Watch Pouch

The most popular watch pouch is the leather watch pouch, which comes in green, navy blue, and a dark brown color. All 3 colors are lined with premium Swiss microfiber and include a flexible disk inside to keep your watch from scratching itself during transit. Crafted from Italian Nappa leather, this is a luxury storage option for one watch.

microfiber watch pouch with tudor watch on top of it

Micro-fiber Watch Pouch

On a more casual note, Everest also makes a watch pouch entirely out of exclusive Swiss microfiber material. This microfiber watch pouch is a more cost effective storage solution and oftentimes people choose this option for when they want to travel with just one watch, or they buy 3-4 of these pouches at a time, to keep all their watches separate in a safe, or in the drawer. These pouches include a flexible disk to keep watches from scratching themselves and the snap closure is fully covered to make sure no damage will occur to your watch.

ballistic nylon watch pouch with steel sports watch inside

Ballistic Nylon Watch Pouch

For a more rugged option, people often choose the ballistic nylon watch pouch, which is water resistant, extremely sturdy, and very utilitarian. It even comes with a back snap to attach to a gym bag, gun bag, hiking gear, belt loop or other. With all of these options well under $100, it’s easy to see how such a little investment could save you thousands in damages and loss to your watches.

Watch Storage Ideas for multiple watches - Watch Roll, Watch Wallet, and Watch Box

For storing multiple watches, the best storage solution would be a watch roll, watch wallet, or watch box. Each of these offer the ability to store multiple watches, but there are unique benefits of each.

leather watch roll for 2 watches in heritage brown color with 2 nice watches inside

Watch Rolls

Let’s start with watch rolls. A watch roll from Everest is really the best of all watch storage options for many reasons. First, Everest watch rolls can accommodate up to 4 watches, while ALSO serving as a handsome display on a dresser, while ALSO being super easy to travel with, while ALSO fitting snugly into a safe. All of this wrapped in the highest grade Italian Nappa leather with a French hand-painted edge, and filled with the softest Swiss microfiber.

leather watch roll in crown green color with cream microfiber interior and 3 watches inside

In addition to all of this, Everest watch roll pillows are unique in that they are compressible to accommodate many sizes, and also “floating” within their individual slots and slide in and out securely without causing any damage or scratches to your watches. The flat bottom allows the roll to also serve as a display on your dresser or nightstand, and the narrow cylindrical shape allows the rolls to slide easily into a hotel safe or home safe. These rolls were designed by watch collectors themselves, so they really are the best storage idea for watches. Everest offers leather watch rolls in crown green, navy blue, espresso brown, heritage brown (most popular), and cork. Most rolls are sold in sizes: 1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot, and 4-slot watch rolls.

Watch Wallet

With the Everest watch wallet, you get the same Italian Nappa Leather and high quality finishing as a watch roll with the added benefit of the wallet being extremely thin and compact, even when full of watches. The watch wallet can accommodate 3 watches, and each watch is encased in its own individual pouch, made from Swiss microfiber. The benefit of the watch wallet over a watch roll is its size and how compact it is. The watch wallet can easily slip into a briefcase, carry-on bag, purse, or other small space. 

blue leather watch wallet a storage solution for 3 watches for travel

Watch Box or Watch Case

The last watch storage idea is to invest in a high quality, beautiful watch box or watch case. Everest spent months designing the best watch box on the market. The Everest watch box is a gorgeous light brown wood color with gold push-button hardware on the sides and hinges. The inside is a creamy Swiss microfiber, reminiscent of the inside of a Rolex box. This watch case holds up to 4 watches and has compressible pillows that float within each individual cavity keeping your watches safe and clean. Everest intentionally left branding off the box (you can only find it on the bottom), so that your watches could really take center stage. 

watch box open with 4 luxury watches insideJust like any luxury watch box you would get when you purchase a new watch from a jewelry store, the Everest watch box does not have a see-through or glass lid. The joy of pushing the side buttons and watching the box slowly open to reveal your collection is all part of the experience. Plus, having a closed, dark box does keep your watches safer from UV damage, dust, and makes your collection more inconspicuous to potential theft. And, it just looks absolutely gorgeous.

everest watch box closed to show gold push buttons on the side

So what’s the best watch storage solution? It’s really up to you. Personally, I have a leather watch pouch, several watch rolls, the watch wallet, and a watch box. I use them all for different reasons. I travel with my pouch and the wallet, I keep the roll on my dresser for my most commonly worn watches, and I keep the watch box in my closet for the watches in my collection that are more special occasion, or don’t get as much wear. I also have a few microfiber watch pouches that I use to keep watches in my safe.

Hopefully this guide helps you pick the best watch storage solution for you. Everest is always innovating, so let us know what else you’d like to see from us. Is there a watch storage solution we are missing? Something you’ve always wanted but can’t find? Let us know in the comments.

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