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What would we do without apps? If you’re anything like me, before your eyes even open in the morning, your thumb is already swiping that phone screen to your favorite morning app. I honestly don’t think I could go a day without several of the apps I tend to use. They’re a part of us and make our lives oh so easier. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite Android and Apple watch related Apps we here at Everest can’t live without. Speaking of things we can’t live without, check out our Everest Rubber Straps for Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai here


watch related apps we can't live without

 Are you a big reader? Want to keep up with the latest watch news? Watchville is the perfect app for you. When opening the Watchville app, you’ll be presented with all the latest and top blogs from media outlets such as Hodinkee, Worn & Wound, Time + Tide, Fratello Watches, and many many more! It’s the one stop shop for all the latest articles and releases. No more signing up for all the daily newsletters from your favorite blogs, you can have it all in one place! Hodinkee teamed up with Watchville several years ago and since then, they have brought in many interesting and popular bloggers. Check out Hodikee’s review of our Everest Bands, here. The app also has some fun features such as an atomic clock and moon phase settings too for all your watch setting needs!


watch related apps we can't live without

People that buy and sell a lot will certainly be familiar with Chrono 24 even if they haven’t used the platform before. They’re one of the leading sites for grey market sellers and buyers. Now, even if you aren’t planning on selling any of your pieces, you still may be interested to see how your collection is standing up in market value. The app features a tab to add watches to your “Watch Collection” which not only lets you see all the watches you have in one place (watch geeks will understand) but also allows you to keep track of each piece's current market value. Another very interesting feature the app holds is a virtual showroom which allows you to try on some of the most popular watches in the market right through your phone! You simply print and cut out their bracelet which features a code of sorts on it, open the app’s camera and BAM! You’ve got that Daytona you’ve been eyeing for months right on your wrist.  A very cool and handy feature, especially for those that like to try watches on before purchasing! 

Curious how to go about buying a pre-owned Rolex or Tudor? Check out our Everest Blog here!


watch related applications

Anyone else become obsessive with tracking your watch's accuracy and always setting it correctly to the second every time you wind it up? Just me? Toolwatch, which is a watch accuracy app, is probably my most used watch related app on my phone. I don’t keep watch winders and switch wearing watches so often they often run out of their power reserve before I pick them up again. I don’t know about you but trying to see Apple’s native analog clock can be a pain sometimes and this is where Toolwatch comes into play. The app features a quite large atomic clock that reads in analog and digitally which is super helpful when setting the time and date on your watch. The app also features the ability to track your watches accuracy using 12 hour intervals to test it. You can also save your watches in their app and they will email you when it’s time to test the accuracy. Their dashboard is clean, easy to understand, and makes checking accuracy on all your timepieces a complete breeze. Need help understanding how to check the time and date on your Rolex? Click here!

Written by K.T. Morales

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