Watch Memes that will definitely make you laugh

Watch Memes that will definitely make you laugh

Since you are still on the waiting list for your new ceramic Daytona, we figure you could use some help passing the time with a laugh or two about this ridiculous hobby we all call watch collecting. We went through Instagram and grabbed a few Watch Memes that we thought you would enjoy.

Watch Meme #1

@brodinkee - first, let us say that you gleam a beam of light in this dark world. Thank you my friend, thank you. One thing that you recognize is the unrealistic goal of attaining a "grail watch" then turning around and never buying another timepiece. Boy would that just suck...


Watch Meme #2

This next meme offers solid advice. Frankly if you find a women who supports this crazy hobby of watch collecting, hold on to her tightly. She is the most supportive and loving woman on the planet. @watch.memes knows this. 

Watch Meme #3

Tudor lately has been making a watch out of anything they can get their hands on. What is next? Aluminum? Tungstan? Wood? (OH PLEASE NONE OF THESE!!!) @yourauthorized dealer pokes a little fun at Rolex's little bro.


Watch Meme #4

One can hope that Dad has a whole watch box of 5711's, Aquanauts and Calatravas, but then again the center of the earth could be made from cheese. Most likely it is unrealistic that his parents are keeping this from him, but @watch.memes is holding out hope. Keep the flame alive brother!

Watch Meme #5

Frankly, the song "The first cut is the deepest" from Sheryl Crow may have been playing in our head when we saw a scratch on our polished Datejust bezel. Maybe you are the "tough guy" in the meme below....honestly I am not.

Well That Was Fun

As always a hobby is about fun right? We know these Instagram accounts are not taking anything too serious these days. We hope you enjoyed a quick laugh before you head back to the queue for your Daytona :-) Also, if you already have that Daytona, make it even cooler with a racing strap from Everest!

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