Watch Enthusiast Gift Guide

Watch Enthusiast Gift Guide

Tis’ the season of gift giving and receiving! Whether you are being harped on by family and friends asking what you want for the holidays, or you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift for the watch enthusiast in you life, we are here to help! We have curated the perfect holiday wish list for you. 


We have found some great watch pouches and rolls that make for the perfect gift to store or display watches in. Rolls are great to display watches in at home or the office while pouches are great for travel. Check out some of our favorites.

Everest Leather Watch Roll $285-$465

cork watch roll


This watch roll is perfect for travel and display, it comes in multiple color options and can hold 2, 3 or 4 watches depending on what size you order. We love this roll because the pillows are collapsable to fit any size watch on them. 

HODINKEE English Suede Watch Pouch $80

We love this watch pouch because of the rustic look with the button on the front. It is a great gift for those who travel and need a place to store their watch for protection while on the go. 

watch pouch leather

Everest Leather Watch Pouch $65

This leather watch pouch is our favorite for storing a watch in. It comes in an array of colors and with its suede linking it will protect your watch from scratches and dings while on the road.  



Like anything, watches collect dirt and fingerprints overtime. Cleaning supply is one thing every watch owner should own, but not always what you want to buy yourself. Here are some of our favorite products and tools. 

Everest Cleaning Pocket Square $15

This cleaning square is great for wiping dirt and smudges off of watches without smearing or streaking. Throw it in your bag for the day to ensure you can clean your watch on the go.

watch cleaning cloth 

Wrist Clean Super-Soft Watch Brush

The easiest way to clean a watch is with a soft bristle brush and mild soap. These are our favorite brushes to clean a watch with. 

how to clean your watch

Everest Oyster Bracelet Toolkit $45

This toolkit is great for removing and installing watch bands and bracelets. It does come in a travel size for $25, and there is an option for watches on a jubilee bracelet

watch tool kit


Everest Curved End Rubber Strap $235

Our curved end rubber strap in black is our top seller. This band is great for Rolex enthusiasts. It can give a watch a whole new look and is super comfortable. It comes in multiple different color options! Simply choose your watch model to find the perfect fit. These straps are available for Tudor and Rolex models. 

rubber watch band for rolex

HODINKEE Dark Brown Leather Racing Strap $155

If you're in the market for a straight end strap for a watch other than your Rolex and Tudor, Hodinkee has a great selection. We love this strap for its cool cut out design. It is sure to be a hit for those who are bold and like something different. 

hodinkee leather watch strap

Everest Curved End Leather Strap

This leather strap is great for those who love to get dressed up. Its sleek design is sure to dress up any outfit or pair great with a suit. Everest offers curved end leather straps for Rolex, Tudor and Panerai models in a multitude of hide colors and materials.  

leather watch band

Still can't decide? Don't forget to contact us at to help you choose the perfect gift. 

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