Veraet Does a Glowing Review of the Everst Band

Veraet, Rolex and Everest – perfect combination! We have come to realize that Rolex owners are some of the kindest, most intelligent and genuine people around! One in particular, Don Rothrauff, founder of Veraet – is clearly one of those great Rolex enthusiasts. He has created what we feel is some of the most inovative watch cleaning prouducts ever. His “watch spray” cleans your watch, leaving no residue, and is not harmful to any seals or metalic materials.  Here at Everest, we tested his watch band cleaner and was shocked at how well it took to the Everest band. Instantly, it cleans any body grease or other enviromental contaniments. Don recently purchased one of our Black Everest Bands for his Rolex Submariner. He gave us a glowing review on his blog – – here is the direct link: – – Don goes into his expierence with our product. The comfort, durablity and look are clearly loved by many including Veraet’s founder.  The staff here at Everest are incredibly pleased to see another happy customer and cannot begin to thank Veraet for its support! Check out the great products and enjoy some of the artistic photo’s taken by Veraet’s staff!


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