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The Everest Journal

by Aleta Saeger March 27, 2020 1 min read

Washing your watch is a great everyday routine! It's even easier with an Everest Rubber Strap. Follow these 4 simple steps, and your watch will be clean & shiny.

  1. Rinse your watch off in warm water. This is to remove any surface dirt and bacteria from the watch.
    How to Clean Your Watch
  2. Apply soap evenly across the entire surface of the watch. This will sanitize the watch and remove any stubborn dirt or bacteria.
    How to Clean Your Watch
  3. Wash the soap off of your watch with warm water. Make sure to get all the soap off the surface of the watch. You can even use a soft brush.
    How to Clean Your Watch
  4. Pat your watch dry with a soft cloth. This will allow you to dry your watch without adding any streaks or swirls.
    how to clean your watch

 Now you can enjoy your watch as it’ll be shiny and clean! You can watch our how to YouTube video cleaning your watch (here) Having our Swiss Everest Rubber Watch Band on your watch is a great way to simplify the cleaning process as they are solid pieces of rubber that don’t harbor as much bacteria as a bracelet. Shop our Watch strap here.

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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