Understanding Rolex Nicknames: How to Speak in Rolex Slang

Understanding Rolex Nicknames: How to Speak in Rolex Slang

What do superheroes, soda pop, Marvel Comics, and Muppets have in common? A lot of times when you’re hanging around hardcore watch guys, it’s difficult to know what they’re really talking about. They are saying things like, “‘The Hulk’ is impossible to get right now!” and “My friend has a badass ‘Kermit’ he’s trying to sell.” Shortly after you will hear things like, “I love ‘The Batman’ on an oyster bracelet, but I hate ‘The Batgirl’ on the jubilee.” Lastly you hear “Did you see Alan’s new Pepsi? It’s sick!” followed with, “Yes, but what I really want in my collection is a Rootbeer.”

Say what?

If that conversation leaves you with more questions than answers, you’re not alone. The watch world, and specifically the Rolex watch world is full of code words, nick-names, and other Rolex slang that only insiders know. This blog will break down some of the most talked about Rolex slang terms to help you sound like the hardcore watch enthusiast you’re bound to be.

The Hulk:

rolex hulk watch band
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Much like it’s Marvel Comic counterpart, “The Hulk” is big, strong, and very, very green! Featuring a Maxi Case (aka super case) with green dial and green bezel, this beefy Rolex Submariner Ceramic (Ref: 116610LV) is highly sought after in the watch world! “The Hulk” is currently priced around $15,000 on the second-hand market and almost impossible to find brand new! If you’re lucky enough to have one of these, you should definitely purchase a green rubber Everest Band to go with it! Did you know that our straps are pantone matched perfectly to match your Rolex? Not only does a green rubber strap look incredibly awesome, it also brings “The Hulk” to life! We wrote more about the Hulk HERE.

The Kermit:

rolex kermit watch band
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Originally released in 2003, “The Kermit” (Ref. 16610LV) features a black maxi dial, and grassy green bezel. A little less greener than the Rolex “Hulk,” but still a very highly sought-after watch with an equally high price (around $15,000). Clearly the name refers to the classic Muppet Kermit the Frog. 

The Batman:

rolex batman watch band
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Holy Clockwork, Batman! If you have ever seen this watch in person, you know that it is an absolute stunner. “The Batman” also known as the Rolex GMT Master II BLNR  (Ref. 116710) has a gorgeous blue and black bezel reminiscent of “The Dark Night.” “The Batman” has also been called “The Dark Knight” and “Bruiser,” but “The Batman” is by far the most common nickname for this Rolex watch.  For times when Bruce Wayne needs more durability and flexibility in his watch strap, I imagine he’d call up Alfred and have him install a blue or black rubber watch band from Everest on his watch. Who would win in a battle--Hulk or Batman? We discussed this scenario HERE!

Whether you’re more Batman, Hulk, or Kemit, all 3 of these Rolex watches look phenomenal on Everest rubber watch bands. 

rolex watch band
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Everest offers a huge variety of rubber and leather watch bands for Rolex watches. Check out the entire GMT Master II (and GMT Master I) collection HERE.

The Batgirl:

rolex batgirl watch band
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“The Batgirl” is basically just the BLNR but on a jubilee bracelet instead of an oyster bracelet. It debuted in 2019 at Basel World in Basel, Switzerland and was met with a lot of mixed reviews. Most of the time in the watch world you will hear that people prefer “The Batman” with the oyster bracelet, although there still are many people who love this watch! I think it’s a stunner either way!

The Pepsi:

rolex pepsi watch band
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The real name of “The Pepsi” is the Rolex GMT Master II (Ref. 16710). Sometimes you will see a B after the reference number (ex. 16719B) and that indicates that it’s the “Pepsi” bezel. These models were produced between 1989-2007 and came in a variety of bezel choices. We wrote more about the GMT “Pepsi” HERECurrently Rolex reintroduced another “Pepsi” GMT Master II. The red and blue on the bezel are both a bit darker in hue, it only comes standard on a Rolex jubilee bracelet as of now. Of course you can always customize your watch with an aftermarket watch strap!

rolex watch band
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If you aren’t a huge fan of jubilee bracelets, or you just want to preserve yours, a red or blue rubber watch strap from Everest will look fantastic on “The Pepsi.” Some watch guys even wear a blue rubber strap on one side and red rubber strap on the other! Or you can totally change it up and add a white rubber watch strap, which undeniably looks super hot for summer!

The Cokerolex coke watch band

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“The Coke” Rolex is also in the GMT Master II family and gets its name from the Classic Coca Cola colors of red and black. The first “Coke” debuted in the 1980s, so it’s been around for over 30 years!  We were thinking that maybe this is the year Rolex might come out with a Ceramic Coke GMT. What do you think? Read our thoughts about this HERE.

The RootBeer

rolex rootbeer watch band
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“The Rootbeer” is another nickname of a Rolex GMT Master II (Ref. 126711CHNR). This watch is so incredibly beautiful and looks just as smooth and inviting as a tall rootbeer float. The watch shown above is boasting a gorgeous Oystersteel and Everose Gold bracelet, and retails for $14,800 new. You can also buy the full Everose Gold version for $38,250. That’s a steep price to pay but you can’t argue that it looks unbelievably gorgeous and would certainly quench the thirst of any hardcore watch enthusiast. You can learn more about a classic “Rootbeer" HERE!

Now you know what all of those unrelated words have in common! They all are a part of the Rolex watch culture. Using nicknames and codenames makes it easier to talk about your love for watches, as reference numbers can get confusing in everyday conversation. So next time you see one of these Rolexes in the wild you can call them by the nickname and sound like someone who is in the know, because now you are! 

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