Is this the year that Rolex comes out with the Ceramic Coke GMT Master?

Is this the year that Rolex comes out with the Ceramic Coke GMT Master?

Over the the last 3-5 years, the biggest request from Rolex owners, blog writers, watch guys and just overall anyone who wants a Rolex has been for Rolex to come out with a Coke (ceramic bezel) GMT Master. Ever since Rolex released the BLNR/Batman in 2013, the big question has been, why doesn't Rolex produce a ceramic bezel that is one half red and one half black? Maybe, just maybe this will be the year!

Rolex GMT Master Coke 16760

Let’s dig into what other Rolex models have come and gone that were not the Coke ROlex GMT Master before we take a look at a few possible photoshopped versions of the possible coke that may be released at the 2020 Baselworld. First up is the infamous and original Rolex all steel GMT Master II (ref: 16760) aka: Coke GMT. It was fitted with a synthetic sapphire crystal and had a slightly thicker bezel and crown which got it nicknamed the “Fat Lady” by the watch enthusiast community. It ran off the 3086 movement, which at the time was totally new to this model. This reference was released in 1983 and fell out of production in 1988. After that came a very similar looking model the 16710. Next up is the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II BLRO 116719.

Rolex GMT Master Fat Lady

The BLRO came out in 2014 at Baselworld and was a huge success with the press. However due to it being made out of white gold, it was not exactly a huge financial success at your Rolex Authorized Dealer. Everyone wanted the watch, but barely anyone could afford $35,000.00 for a Rolex sports watch. Was it incredibly cool? You bet. Did it make financial sense to buy a watch that looked like it was made out of steel? Nope. However, Rolex listened and in 2018 they released an updated Pepsi Rolex GMT made out of steel! The only surprise to all of us was that it comes exclusively on a Jubilee Bracelet. Check out the straps for the watch here.

Rolex GMT Master BLRO Baselworld 2014

My personal opinion of the Jubilee Bracelet is total love. I love both bracelets equally but respect the fact that Rolex wanted to get in touch with their inner child bracelet wise. Now that we have walked down memory lane, let's take a look at what could happen!! Here are some renderings for your dreams of what could happen in the future!!

Baselworld 2020 prediction Coke GMT Master

Now that you have had a moment to ogle at what could happen, what are you hoping for this year? Maybe a new Submariner? How about a white faced Explorer? Or maybe a new Ceramic bezel Explorer II? These watches would all be great, but I would definitely dig a Coke right now.

GMT Master COKE 2020 Baselworld prediction

Jubilee Version COKE GMT Master 2020 Baselworld Prediction

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