The Black Tudor Pelagos FXD: A Timeless Refresh

Tudor Pelagos FXD in Black

Today, Tudor released a black Pelagos FXD inspired by their decades of collaboration with the US Navy. To be clear, this release is not an official collaboration with the US Navy, it’s simply an adaptation inspired by past efforts. According to Watches of Espionage, it’s very similar to a special unit version made for SEAL Team Six. On the heels of their Alinghi Red Bull Racing collaboration (also FXD models), Tudor is doubling down on their fixed-bar Pelagos lineup, this time in a classic color configuration.

Tudor Pelagos FXD in Black. . . Finally

Tudor Pelagos FXD Black

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Launched in 2021 (originally just in blue), the Pelagos FXD is Tudor’s fixed-strap-bar variation of the Pelagos: their ultimate modern (mechanical) dive watch. Featuring a titanium construction, 200 meters of water resistance, and a fully-graduated dive bezel, this is a bulletproof watch designed to last multiple lifetimes of hard wear.

Tudor Pelagos FXD Spring Bars Strap Bars

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While the blue FXD is much beloved, this black version will surely be in high demand. Red text on a black dive watch is a timeless look, and under the Rolex umbrella, it’s a collectible look. To the delight of watch nerds worldwide, the new FXD has a matte black dial and bezel as opposed to the sunray-finished dial and bezel of the Pelagos 39 (the most recent black Pelagos release). 

Other than the new color configuration, this is the same Pelagos FXD we’ve had for a couple years now: 42mm in diameter, 12.75mm thick, 52mm lug-to-lug, powered by Tudor’s in-house caliber MT5602. It comes on a fabric velcro strap with an additional rubber strap in the box. 

Final Thoughts

Tudor Pelagos FXD in Black

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The Pelagos FXD has quickly become a fan favorite. It’s a go-anywhere-do-anything watch with serious historical brand equity, a classic design, and a slightly lower price point than other Pelagos models due to Its lack of a bracelet. This black model is the perfect addition to the lineup; I see it being a go-to choice of tool watch for years to come.

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