Tudor Has its Own Special Editions

Tudor Has its Own Special Editions

The resurgence of Tudor coinciding with its North American relaunch in 2013 has been a resounding commercial success. Not only has Tudor stepped out of the shadows of its parent company Rolex, runaway hits such as the recently released Black Bay 58 in blue have demonstrated the marketing minds behind the brand know how to draw in watch buyers.

We’ve been covering (on the Everest Journal) limited edition or lesser-known Rolex variations, and Tudor has quietly established co-branded watches, most notably with the Lucerne-based retailer Bucherer.

The Bucherer-edition Black Bay Bronze models are very similar to the stock Bronze versions, 43mm case with a 3-6-9 dial configuration but possess a striking blue dial and matching cloth strap. The partnership was in commemoration of the retailer’s 130th anniversary. Collectors embraced this version and secondary market sales listings are generally over the retail price of just under $4,000.

unique tudor models

Photo courtesy of Hodinkee

One of our team members owns this watch and seeing it in the metal, one can see why it’s not just another Black Bay. The way the matte navy plays off the gold tones (from bronze) adds up to a piece that, while on the large side, offers a very elegant wrist presence.

A Very Special Green

tudor has its own special editions

Photo courtesy of Millenary Watches

green bezel version of the original Black Bay (41mm) emerged with a partnership with renowned London department store Harrods. The bezel, the tip of the seconds hand and the dial marking 660ft/200m are rendered in the green of the Harrods brand. Going deeper, the dial writing is “feet first” rather than metres, a nod to Harrods’ British heritage. The caseback uses the H from the Harrods logo.

While some watch enthusiasts have dubbed this special Black Bay as the Tudor Kermit, the nickname for the Rolex Submariner with green aluminum bezel insert and Maxi dial, the Harrods Black Bay is a very different beast in our minds. It employs a very distinct shade of green and its gilt accents (consistent with the original Black Bay models) warm up its entire presence. If you can’t get your hands on a Kermit, don’t try to acquire a Harrods Black Bay to fill that slot in your collection. It definitely has its own identity.

And Then There’s Tiger

tudor tiger
Photo courtesy of Vesper & Co.

One of the greatest athletes in the modern era, golfer Tiger Woods, also has a Tudor chronograph with his name on the dial. These watches were manufactured in the 1990s before the rebirth of Tudor. The ‘90s were a time period where different identities flourished as the Internet age emerged, and these special edition chronographs stood out.

After Tiger won that first Masters in 1997, Tudor hired him to become the spokesperson for the brand’s series of Oysterdate chronographs.This name was printed on the dial and a series of brightly colored versions were released under the Tiger umbrella. His affiliation with Tudor was brief, ending in 2003 when he signed with Tag Heuer.

But the Tudor Tiger will always remind us of the young Tiger, a once-in-a-generation talent that dominated his sport in dramatic fashion like the young Mike Tyson in boxing. Tiger captivated golf fans and if you’re lucky enough to own a limited edition Tiger Woods Tudor reference 79200 chronograph, then you have a piece of history suited for the golf enthusiast watch collector.

Even if you aren’t a golf or Tiger fan, the Tudor 79200 chronograph is a handsome addition to a Rolex/Tudor collection. Coming in at 40mm with screw-down pushers and a magnified date window, the Tiger version of the 79200 is just a cool take on a very wearable chronograph.

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