The Domino's Pizza Branded Rolex: Is it real? Would you Wear One?

The Domino's Pizza Branded Rolex: Is it real? Would you Wear One?

Not only is it real. It's spectacular. Floating around the web are images of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Air-King with the Domino’s Pizza logo on the dial. In some instances it’s a steel Domino's logo in 3D on the Oyster bracelet. Since when did Rolex allow a low-brow, everyman’s brand to officially adorn its product?

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Photo: Yahoo! Finance

According to an article in Yahoo! Finance, in the late 1990's Domino's rewarded Domino’s managers who hit $30,000 in sales for four consecutive weeks with one of these pizza logo watches. And while many know of Rolex’s co-branding with luxury brands such as Tiffany, there remains a shroud of mystery around why the Crown would partner with a pizza company best known for its speed of delivery and not for its culinary achievements.

But the real question among Rolex fans is, “Would you rock one?” Or “Would you pay pre-owned Rolex prices for one?” 

Not surprisingly, commenters on our social media channels resoundingly wrote “No way” to wearing a Domino’s branded Rolex. But, it’s still fun to imagine the looks one would get for wearing one. After all the blue and red Domino’s insignia isn’t exactly subtle, especially against a Rhodium or white dial Rolex. Later versions simply added a Domino’s badge (in steel) as an add-on to the bracelet.

rolex unique dials dominos

Photo: HQ Milton

What are these Domino’s Rolex models worth?

Yahoo! Finance quoted Rolex expert Bob Altieri, owner of Bob’s Watches, as stating: “It does add value as there are lots of collectors — and past employees of the company — who want them. In general, it adds about 10-20% over a normal non branded model.”

Although these watches aren’t in production anymore, they do pop up from time-to-time as pre-owned listings, such as these ones on Bob’s watches.

As the blog post on asserts: “The critical distinction between conventional logo-emblazoned Rolex watches and the Domino's Rolex models like this Air King ref 14000 is that the Domino's series is built entirely by Rolex. There’s no aftermarket 'filler’ in the Domino's Challenge ref 14000; these dials are as factory-correct as anything on the Geneva giant’s own website. This is a watch for the Rolex collector who understands how stunning an exception this dial represents given Rolex’s discriminating history of co-branding.”

So that’s one take on this odd-ball mash-up. We’ll call it “ironic” and kudos to the brave souls who proudly wear this model. For us over here at the Everest Journal, we’re happy enjoying a fast delivery of a Domino’s Traditional Deluxe pie while wearing an Explorer II on a black Everest Rubber Strap, of course.

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