Time Honored Everest Steel End Link Leather Strap System

Time Honored Everest Steel End Link Leather Strap System

Everest Bands is the industry leader in high quality Swiss-made watch bands for Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai owners. One of our collections features a patented steel end link leather strap system. The strap system combines Swiss technology with innovative design to present the watch community with an alternative option to the Rolex bracelet and a way to customize your look. The patented design, the quality of the materials used, and the chosen color combinations present the watch community with the Everest steel end link leather watch strap system.

steel end link leather watch band

Made of 316L steel, Everest’s incredibly precise stainless steel end link is made to perfectly connect the leather watch band to a Rolex case. While other after market straps leave an unsightly gap between the case and the strap, Everest bands are designed to fit your luxury watch seamlessly and perfectly. The steel end link pays homage to the original oyster link on a Rolex bracelet because keeping the essence of a Rolex is a key feature. 

The leather is Italian vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is an old tradition. The secrets are passed down from generation to generation that transform hides using methods combining old world tradition with a little modern day technology. Italian leather is the only choice when it comes to choosing an elegant and high quality watch band for your Rolex.

everest leather watch bands

The vegetable tanning process begins with an ingredient called tannins. Tannins are known for their antioxidant properties and are a natural one found in various plants. The hides used were from animals that were used for meat products; they weren’t killed specifically for tanning. The process takes an average of 40 days from start to finish to produce a fine vegetable tanned leather product. The result is nothing short of a luxurious leather product.

From there, it takes another journey involving a leather craftsman several weeks to turn it into a beautiful watch strap worthy of the Rolex it’s attached to. The craftsmanship is slow and methodical just as it was centuries ago. One of the reasons why these straps look so beautiful is over time it absorbs the proteins of the person wearing it and will add to the unique look that is unmistakable quality. After all, this isn’t just another strap of leather, this is a watch strap of impeccable time honored quality and tradition. 

everest leather watch bands

The steel end leather watch strap is finished with a 316L stainless steel buckle. It mimics the oyster style look of the end link. The buckle is secured using a strong spring bar.

Everest offers six different combinations of steel end link leather watch bands. The color choices for the steel end link leather include two black leather options - one with matching stitch and one with Ecru or contrast stitch. A saddle tan leather and a classic deep chocolate brown are also available. Finishing the line are two alligator embossed options: black & dark brown.

everest leather watch band

Everest’s Swiss-Made steel end link watch band uses Swiss watchmaking technology. Using a time honored tradition and high quality products, this strap fits on most Rolex Sports models. To get a first hand look at watch bands that were made using this old world tradition please click here and find a strap worthy of your watch. Choose a more elegant leather watch band to customize your Rolex.

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