Four Things You MUST Do To Protect Your Rolex

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A Rolex is an investment in all senses of the word. It can be a literal investment, put aside for resale after a certain period of time. It can be an investment in a legacy, preparing a physical remembrance for the generations that follow you. It can be an investment in yourself in recognition of a job well done, or as a gift to yourself to incentivize future achievement. 

Whatever reason you buy a Rolex, it’s an investment you want to protect. Unfortunately, there are many enemies to your investment that you must know and understand in order to defeat. As always, the warrior Sun Tzu has applicable advice for any situation. In his book The Art of War, he reminds his readers, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

In the long war of protecting your Rolex, you must know everything that could threaten it.  

Here’s our tactical guide to protecting your investment in a Rolex for years to come. 

Four Things You MUST Do To Protect Your Rolex

1. Don’t Skip Regular Service Visits 

Like anything in life: automobiles, household appliances, and even marriages, what makes the difference between things that last and things that don’t is regular preventative maintenance. Luckily, unlike marriage counseling, you don’t have to take your Rolex in for service once a week. A service visit once a decade should be more than enough to check the movement for any irregularities, clean all components, tighten or replace any loose or broken links, and send you out the door with a Rolex that’s ready to take on the next decade. 

2. Avoid Steamy Situations

Ok this list is starting to sound more like relationship advice instead of watch advice, but stay with us here. Nights at the club are fine with your Rollie, but a steamy shower or a hot tub dunk is a definite no no. This piece of advice can be tough to understand. After all, aren’t many Rolexes depth-rated to 500 meters? Yet we’re telling you a little steam is going to hurt it? It’s time for a short chemistry lesson. H20 in liquid form is made up of large water droplet molecules. In contrast, the micro droplets of H20 as a gas makes steam more insidiously dangerous to a watch. Steam can infiltrate even hairline cracks sand then condense, bringing moisture into places where it shouldn’t be. Or steam can loosen gaskets and admit moisture as well. Especially if you have an ultralight titanium watch, you may not always remember that it’s on your wrist. Make a habit of removing your watch each night before bed, giving it a quick wipe with a cleaning cloth, and storing it in a watch roll or case. This will prevent any early morning showers where you end up stumbling out of the shower filled with regret.

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3. Clean Your Rolex Regularly 

It is important to keep your Rolex clean, but throwing it into the dishwasher definitely isn’t the approach you want to take. Keeping your Rolex clean goes beyond just making it look great. Without weekly cleanings, dust and dirt can build up between links. As that dirt mixes with the natural oils on your skin, it can decrease the lubrication between links. The links will suffer micro-abrasions on account of this new friction, and the result can be a loose, droopy bracelet. (Jubilee bracelets are notorious for this type of stretching.) Check out our guide to cleaning your Rolex for step-by-step directions and products. Our Everest Bands cleaning cloth uses the perfect soft, snag-free material for keeping your Rolex grime-free and shining. 

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4. Protect Your Bracelet, Protect Your Investment 

 If you want to keep your bracelet factory-perfect for resale or just keep it looking nice for nights out, consider an Everest Bands rubber strap on your Rolex. Cop an ultra-modern look while also protecting your Rolex Oyster bracelet. As our gift to you, we’ll tuck in a complimentary watch pouch with any purchase over $100. (Our cloth also doubles as a pocket square, so consider your holiday outfit complete.)

Written by Meghan Clark

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