Unbiased and Honest Reviews of Everest Bands Rubber Watch Band for Rolex, Tudor and Panerai

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Everest rubber watch bands are perfect for your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai. We love to share all the facts that make these rubber watch bands great, but today, we’re going to dive into what the watch community thinks about them with a few unbiased and honest reviews. We’re going to take a look at three YouTube videos that watch enthusiasts have taken the time to create. Keep reading to find out why Gear Patrol notes Everest Bands as “the king of rubber straps.”

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Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams with 69,000 subscribers, notes he is a “fellow watch enthusiast.” We chose to take a look at his review because of his passion for the watch community. He reviews Everest Bands for Rolex - both leather and rubber. But today, we’re just going to take a closer look at what he says about our Swiss-Made rubber watch band on his Ceramic Rolex GMT Master II in particular.

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The rubber watch band he reviews is a previous model, but nothing changed with the newly released version (released last year) in terms of quality, material or fitment. The major change between the two models is the newer rubber watch band offers a unique channeling system. This makes the Everest rubber watch band more breathable. But now, let’s get back to the review. 

Bruce notes that the rubber is a natural rubber, which it is. To be specific, we use a Swiss-Made vulcanized FKM rubber material (so you won’t smell any strange vanilla scent). But in addition to appreciating the material of the rubber watch band, he also notes a “nice color saturation.” Everest has taken care to make sure we use the latest technological advances to create the perfect hues and finish for the rubber watch bands to complement the dial and bezel variations. One thing Bruce notices particularly in the design is that the rubber watch band actually “accentuates the beefy lugs on the Maxi case.” As you will see with other reviews, the Everest rubber watch band is very comfortable with high quality and the perfect fit to your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai.

When Bruce Williams asks for comments, we of course had to scroll down to see how his subscribers and viewers felt about the product and the review. And, even the reviews note Everest as “best rubber strap BY FAR that I’ve owned.” You can check out the full review below.

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Guy from JustBlueFishWatch Reviews - takes a look at different straps for his Rolex Submariner. He first talks about installation of watch straps on Rolex models. He received an older version of the Rolex rubber watch band from a viewer who was not using it anymore (probably because the viewer decided to upgrade to our latest design). Guy uses a Bergeon tool to remove the Rolex oyster bracelet and install the Everest watch band. As he walks you through the process, he reviews the Everest rubber watch band. 

best rubber watch band for rolex

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Guy raves about the fit and notes the cutouts specifically designed to make it easier to install and remove the spring bars from your watch. In terms of quality, Guy is very impressed with the buckle and compares it to a Rolex bracelet. Guy’s reaction is it looks stock as if it came from the Rolex factory. While Everest is clearly aftermarket with no association with Rolex, this is still a huge compliment. You can hear it for yourself below. 

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Watch Addiction Watch Reviews

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews, with 23K followers, is our final review. Since we don’t catch his name in the video, we will refer to him as Watch Addiction. He does have the new Everest rubber watch band, in black, for his Rolex Submariner. While there has been a question about whether the watch band is worth it or not, he discusses the fact that you really wouldn’t want to put a cheap watch band on your Rolex watch. Watch Addiction raves about the comfort and fit of the watch band. He notes it's hard to find a quality rubber watch band that would fit his wrist (probably due to the 9 sizing holes). 

Once it's strapped on the wrist, he talks about the feel and look of the Rolex watch on Everest’s rubber watch bands. Watch Addiction does suggest using the Everest watch band for more sporty events like swimming and diving. But, it can be more than just your go to for sports.  He notes in his final thoughts that by changing out your bracelet for a Everest rubber watch band really changes the look. He highlights the quality and  notes Everest as a reputable company - thanks man! It's great to see all the positive comments on the video which you can check out below.

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Now that you can tell Everest rubber watch bands are the perfect fit for your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai, you can choose your watch model here. And, whether you choose to install it yourself with one of our tool kits or take it in to your jeweler, make sure to watch our installation video. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, check out our YouTube channel here. Have any questions, let us know! 

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