The underappreciated Rolex Yacht-Master 268622

The underappreciated Rolex Yacht-Master 268622

While I’m used to the size of my 39mm Submariner 14160M, I’ve had a chance to try on a Rolesium 37mm Yacht-Master 268622 (released in 2016) at a Tourneau in midtown Manhattan (back when you could walk into a Tourneau and try on basically any Rolex steel sports watch). It was different from the Rolex watches I was most familiar with, namely five-digit sport Rolex models with bezels that sharply contrasted with the dials.

Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium

Photo by Bob's Watches

The Yacht Master doesn’t look like a typical Rolex although it has many of the core attributes of the brand, The unique color scheme allowed for it to fly under the radar as far as being a less identifiable Rolex, but it still has the shiny bits that let others know you have a nice watch on the wrist.

The 37mm sizing, even with the rotating bezel making the dial looks smaller, wore incredibly well on my 6.5-inch wrist. Like the Milgauss, the Yacht-Master was a bit of an oddball, but the overall design is harmonious. The 40mm version is equally charming and is quite suitable for anyone seeking a standard-sized dive watch.

The silver and greys blended into an upscale and utilitarian feel, not unlike the effect of all-grey New Balance classic runners like the 574 or 993. With the 268622 you get a bidirectional rotating bezel, 100 meters of water resistance. The platinum bezel utilizes raised markers against a sandblasted matte base, which lends a subtle effect of elegance. Coupled with bright blue accents in the dial writing of “Yacht-Master” and matching seconds hand, this particular Yacht-Master model is a great match for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd of black-dial sport watches. 

Yacht-Master Rhodium

Photo by Watches of Wales

The polished center links of the Oyster bracelet definitely give off the vibe of “I enjoy water sports, but I prefer to be on it, not in it, and even better from the deck of my yacht.” Pair it with some classic Top Siders, Nantucket red chino shorts and French navy stripe shirt and aviators and you’ll look the part of an actual yacht master.

While there are Yacht-Master versions with blue dials, white gold cases and other variants, the mid-size version with rhodium dial is the one to go after for its unique esthetic. Rolex’s rhodium dials are spectacular and, of course, look great on an Oyster Perpetual too for a stealthy look.

So if tool watches are too plain for you, the Yacht-Master could be your signature style move. Don’t underestimate this watch within the pantheon of the Rolex greats. It may not have as long of a history as the Submariner, but it represents one of the few time Rolex designers decided to get a bit wild.

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