The Top Rated Rubber Watch Strap for Panerai

The Top Rated Rubber Watch Strap for Panerai

panerai watch on everest rubber band in everest watch roll

If you see a Panerai, even from a distance, it is a classic iconic appearance that has not significantly changed over its rich and unique history. Panerai watch models are unquestionably recognizable from across the room. 

Panerai found its origin as a watch shop and watchmaker’s school in Florence, Italy in the 1860s. In the 1900s, Panerai was commissioned by the Royal Italian Navy. Additionally, but more significantly, during World War II, Panerai was commissioned to make watches that were large (easy to read) and water resistant. Since Rolex was the first watch company to develop a waterproof case dubbed the Oyster case, Panerai sought Rolex’s assistance. But, not until 1993 did Panerai see any worldwide popularity. Panerai released 3 lines of models that celebrated the original large case, easy to read designs, and it caught the attention of the well-known actor Sylvester Stallone who presented his friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with one as well. Panerai became recognizable and distinguishable almost overnight.

panerai watch on black rubber band

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If you’d like to learn more about Panerai’s extensive and unique history, Everest has a part 1 and part 2 of Panerai’s history in our archives. Another unique characteristic to Panerai is that Panerai is also known for being a strap culture which means it's natural for Panerai owners to like to play with different watch strap combinations to customize the look of their Panerai. So, Everest Bands invites you to celebrate your Panerai with the #watchfam favorite - Everest’s Swiss-Made curved end rubber watch band. We’re going to explore just why Everest Bands is a go-to for Panerai owners (as well as Rolex and Tudor owners). 

panerai watch in cork watch roll by everest

Everest rubber watch bands fit the Panerai Luminor 44mm models and the Luminor Submersible precisely. If you are unsure of which Panerai model you have, we take a closer look at distinguishing the differences between models that share a very similar design here.

But, taking a closer look at the watch band itself, Everest’s groundbreaking curved end design features a hardened permanent insert. It is embedded in the vulcanized rubber at the case connection. As with all of Everest’s Swiss-Made rubber watch bands, the rubber is durable - resistant to the elements. The actual visual design of the watch band focuses on complementing the Panerai and celebrating its unique features. 

panerai watch on black rubber

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Taking a closer look at the watch strap design, the watch band for Panerai  watch models has a 24mm lug width with a curved angle to match the watch band directly to the Panerai case. The strap has a unique dual channeling design to complement the deep etching on Panerai’s dials and bold angles of a Panerai watch. Unlike the official Panerai rubber watch strap, Everest’s rubber watch band features two keepers to secure the side of the watch band in place. 

The strap is finished with a brushed or polished wide tang buckle, again, the buckle has been designed to mimic the bold, iconic Panerai style. The underside of the rubber watch band also features Everest’s unique channeling system to secure the tongue holes and allow water to escape and air flow between your wrist and the watch band. The wider, rectangular tongue holes allow the buckle tongue to easily be secured into place. The watch band features nine sizing holes to fit to your wrist exactly how you like. As with all of Everest’s watch bands, this strap represents the pinnacle of watch strap technology in accomplishing security, durability and comfort.

panerai watch on black rubber everest band wet

If you’re looking for a different style for your Panerai Luminor 44mm or your Panerai Submersible, Everest Bands also offers five different colors in Swiss-Made Italian vegetable tanned leather:

  • Black with Contrast Stitch
  • Praline Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Brown Alligator Embossed 
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Saddle Tan

panerai on leather aftermarket strap

Don’t forget to drop a comment below with your favorite Swiss-Made Everest watch band and watch model combination. Or, share your #wristshot @everestbands to be featured on Everest’s Shop by Instagram page.


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