The Timeless Oyster: The Rolex Datejust

two tone datejust

STEP BACK INTO HISTORY: Sometimes, remembering where we came from, where everything started, can help us find deeper appreciation and intimacy for something already in existence…

The Rolex Datejust – an incredibly popular Rolex watch finds its debut back in 1945. Originally, the watch was planned to have been named “Victory” in reference to the Allied victory during WWII. This was then changed to Jubilee as its original name in celebration of Rolex’s 40th anniversary, but since the name never found its way to the dial, Jubilee became the bracelet, and the Datejust found its name.

The Datejust was the first self-winding calendar wrist chronometer, which in the 1940s was a reason for a jubilee celebration. Illuminating the simplicity of a watch, the Rolex Datejust had simply 3 hands. The first Rolex Datejust, the Jubilee Datejust (ref 4467), was pure yellow gold with a date window that sat, and still sits, at the 3 o’clock position. This date changes precisely at midnight, keeping the date just – hence the name.

original datejust 1945

There have been constant changes, innovations, improvements, and adaptations made to the Datejust as with anything. Now, Datejusts are available in rose gold (a personal favorite), steel, and two-tone editions. And, an important event to note, in 1955, the well-recognized cyclops was added – see a cyclops, it’s a Rolex.

The 1980s and 1990s were important eras in the history of the Datejust; the calibre 3135 – parachrom bleu spiral led to Datejust having a smaller profile, with a new case and dial design. The chronometer could be precisely adjusted by hacking second mechanism and additionally the non-scratchable sapphire crystal became standard issue on the Datejust.

rolex datejust

As fashions change with time, the Datejust case became more masculine within the recent generations, but the rest of the watch has remained unchanged with its timeless design. It held on to its Jubilee bracelet, and the bubbleback remained as a signature screwed caseback for high water resistance as it was and is housed in an Oyster case…Side story, the waterproof Oyster case is supposedly named thus when Wilsdorf (the founder of Rolex) thought of the case while prying open an oyster at a inner party as the case has a watertight seal on three fronts.

datejust II

When there became an increased demand for larger watches, Rolex released its Datejust II model with its case growing from 36 to 41mm. The turn of the century brought a flat and polished bezel to the Datejust, and as well, in 2014, Rolex released three new editions with colored dials.

You’ve probably run into datejust history articles before if you’ve taken a step into the boundless watch world, but Everest wanted to briefly remind you of the well-renowned watch as they are about to release the long anticipated Everest watch bands for Datejusts…only suitable for the watch which combines history and quality watchmaking.

 The Datejust is reliable, accurate, and suitable for every adventure. Whether you’re looking to customize your Datejust or simply preserve your historically significant Jubilee bracelet, Everest has some watchband options for you…

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