The Red Rubber Strap Your Rolex Deserves

The Red Rubber Strap Your Rolex Deserves

Dive into a new month with a new look - red. Red is the color associated with passion, and since February is the month mostly associated with romance and passion because of Valentine’s day, red is our top choice to don. 

Red is a warm color that stimulates energy and enhances desire. Red is also associated with healing and alleviating depression which we all need a little help with after being cooped up for almost an entire year and now in the dead of winter. No need to go sitting in front of anymore happy lamps because while red may be a bold color, it’s back in stock for your taking. Keep reading for these sexy watch strap shots and start pining for the Everest red rubber watch band’s perfection.

Rolex teases us with tiny hints of color built within the hardy sports model. For instance the Daytona with its name etched upon the dial is blatantly red. Strapping up your Rolex Daytona with an Everest red rubber watch band - conveniently offered with both a tang buckle (black, gold or steel - you pick) or for your Rolex deployant clasp, your watch’s name can proudly announce itself a bit more boldly. And, our friend @mikeshaw_watches did just that below. 

Commentators announced his shot as “Dyn-O-mite” and “Stunning.” One fan in particular noted: “Yea, red is sharp. Can’t wait until it’s back in stock, so I can throw it on my steel Daytona.” And, now it is. The red looks excellent on the white dial as well. Check it out for yourself. 

red everest band on rolex

Another fabulously designed watch with a hint of red (though no longer produced) is our favorite Rolex Explorer II with its red GMT hand. The Everest red rubber watch band for your Rolex deployant (a favorite design of ours) is simply perfect. 

red everest band on rolex plus knife and tool kit

The red strap really makes the GMT hand pop on this classic Rolex watch. Speaking of red GMT hands, you can’t think that we forgot about all the red that you find with the Rolex GMT line. 

Introducing the new customized Rolex GMT Master II on Everest red rubber. Please hold the applause.

red everest band on rolex gmt coke

The red on the strap brightens the face of this Rolex GMT model, and as light plays on the steel bezel, it really catches any onlooker's eye. Its striking yet elegant lines complement its timepiece companion and lift our spirits. 

Another beautiful Rolex GMT timepiece you could strap Everest red rubber on is the Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic on Jubilee though once installed, it would no longer be on a jubilee. It would be a completely custom look to you, and you can prevent that jubilee bracelet from stretching out or getting damaged. 

And finally, although the classic Rolex Submariners aren’t currently sporting red anywhere, we thoroughly believe, as do our watch family, it’s a bold and coveted combination as it’s still simply gorgeous. 

red everest band on rolex on MONTA watch box

Now that you have seen with your own eyes why this hot strap belongs on your wrist, head on over to our shop by watch to pick up this top February beauty. @proper_watches really makes it look enticing. But if you need more inspiration - check out our Shop our Instagram page for all your favorite Swiss-Made rubber watch band combinations from your favorite Everest Bands. 

red everest band on rolex watch


Header Image Source @the_desk_diver

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