Your Rolex Deployant Clasp and an Everest Band: A Perfect Pair

rolex deployant clasp on a black rubber everest band

Everest Bands offers multiple styles in aftermarket watch bands for your Rolex. But, a particular favorite is the strap that utilizes the Rolex deployant clasp. Offered in multiple sizes, materials and colors, Everest Bands will ultimately be your solution for customizing your Rolex. Three major benefits of the Everest Bands for your Rolex deployant clasp stand out that our customers have also highlighted. 

Reason 1. The Comfort is Unmatched

Everest watch bands are incredibly comfortable. The straps are available in both our top-notch rubber and leather options. The sizing options are designed to perfectly match your Rolex bracelet. It's all based on counting your Rolex links. For example, if you have 4 links on one side of your bracelet (12 o’clock) and 5 links on the other side (6 o’clock) of your Rolex Submariner, you will want to opt for a Everest watch band 4x5. You can find more information about the sizing here. But ultimately, we wanted to make the fit perfect, so you can achieve the most ultimate comfort in customizing your Rolex and preserving your Rolex bracelet. 

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Reason 2. The Watch is Much Lighter

In combination with comfort, the Everest watch band is also lighter than it’s steel counterpart. The difference between hauling around a metal bracelet on your wrist versus a leather or rubber watch strap is incredibly noticeable. It provides less pressure on a grouping of nerves that can cause you to lose feeling in your hands. Swapping out your bracelet for the Everest watch band in rubber or leather but being able to use your beloved and perfectly designed Rolex deployant clasp is a win win here.

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Reason 3. It's a Classic

Beyond the Dial wrote an extensive unbiased review of both the tang buckle style and deployant style of the Everest rubber watch band and notes: “Having the same on-the-fly adjustability as stock bracelet is everything during the summer months.” While we could leave the “classic” explanation at that, let’s dive in a bit deeper. Over the years, the Rolex bracelet has been developed not only for style but also for functionality. In particular, the glidelock clasp offers a micro adjustment for your wrist. 

The Rolex deployant clasp is not only classic, but it's a signature. Being able to utilize your Rolex clasp maintains the OEM look. Besides, Rolex isn’t completely opposed to leather or rubber watch bands as they’ve launched multiple models on leather including the Daytona and now offer the Oysterflex bracelet. 

Everest customers also highlight the benefits of swapping out your Rolex bracelet for an Everest watch band for your Rolex deployant clasp: 

5-Star Reviews

  • “The best rubber strap for your Rolex. It's as if my sub came from the factory with a rubber strap. Delivery was very quick even during current world events. Will purchase again in the future.” - Andrew V.
  • “Really loving both the comfort and the look of the band. It integrates wonderfully both with my clasp and the watch itself. Very happy with it.”  - Anthony L.

  • “This strap exceeded all expectations. Incredibly comfortable, light weight, high quality option that integrates with the OEM clasp and fits the contours of the case perfectly. Rolex won’t put the iconic Submariner on an Oysterflex and they don’t have to, Everest did it perfectly.” - Stephen N
  • “Absolutely love the strap! Great fit and so useful to be able to use the deployant clasp!” - Marc H.
  • “One of the best aftermarket straps that feels organically natural to the design of Rolex. Comfort is 2nd to none. It was a tough choice between RubberB and Everest, however their design, service, quality, cost, and presentation has been a delight. Without a doubt I would do it again without hesitation.” - Jeff L.

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And, check out the video below to learn how to size and install an Everest watch strap for your Rolex deployant clasp. 

How to Install An Everest Band with a Rolex Deployant Clasp

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