The Next MONTA Collection?

The Next MONTA Collection?

Lately I have been enjoying predicting what brands might come up with next. Whether it be a new type of watch, a new color, or new specifications. What are the amazing independent brands working on that we should know about? Well, I can only speculate. In this article, I wanted to share my thoughts on what MONTA could come up with next, based on the brand’s current catalog and the recent redesign of the Skyquest. I won’t mention a diver because I’m pretty sure that we all agree that it could very well come back, anyway. 

So, what could MONTA be working on next? 

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First Guess: A New Field Watch 

Although MONTA’s first model was the Ocean King, the brand’s diver, what put it on the horological map was the Triumph, its field watch. The Triumph is the model through which many watch enthusiasts became familiar with MONTA because it’s both elegant, rugged looking, and well made. It has all the attributes of a proper field watch whilst being endowed with a Rolex-like elegance rarely matched in the watch world. Since the Triumph was released a few years ago, I imagine the brand could be working on a redesign. 

And what would it look like, then? Well, looking at how the Noble and 2022 Skyquest came out, I’d say MONTA would refine and simplify the dial design. Gone would be the days of the full-Arabic hour markers and now would be the time of baton-style markers. Perhaps a 3-6-9 dial configuration would make its way on a new Triumph, or perhaps it won’t. What’s for certain is that a new Triumph would preserve the Sword handset and the applied markers. 

While the case shape would remain the same—I mean, it’s too good to be changed—perhaps we would see a fully brushed case instead of seeing polished accents. Perhaps we can venture a little further and indeed imagine more angular lugs and a thinner case, which would mean perhaps the disappearance of the date aperture. The dial would keep a matte texture. In other words, it wouldn’t look like a Noble but it could be closer to it in terms of dial design. Lastly, I could see MONTA shrinking the case to a 36mm diameter instead of preserving the current diameter of 38.5mm. 

Did I just describe an Atlas without the date and GMT complication? 

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Second Guess: A Pilot’s Watch 

True, MONTA already has two GMTs in its collection. So when I think “pilot” watch I do think of a Flieger.  (That’s why I said pilot and not traveler watch!) After all, MONTA already has the right handset for this type of watch, and paired with rectangular applied markers, one would find a very legible timepiece. World War II watches—the ones I have in mind right now—privileged legibly over anything else. So while a MONTA pilot watch could have larger dimensions, I can see it preserving the perfect proportions that have made MONTA so popular. 

In other words, I imagine MONTA using a 38.5-41mm case diameter and adding anti-magnetic protection. Since MONTA’s leitmotiv is deliberateness, I can only see MONTA adding some serious anti-magnetic protection to a pilot watch, in addition to continuing to offer robust Swiss made calibers within. My idea of a MONTA Flieger is very similar my vision for a new field watch: simplicity and legibility. However, in order to guarantee maximum legibility, perhaps MONTA would go for brushed hands and markers instead of polished ones. This would prevent light reflections. 

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Third Guess? 

I know, I said I wouldn’t mention a new diver but I imagine it’s in the works. However, I would see MONTA adding extra water-resistance, re-working the bezel mechanism, and perhaps offering COSC-movements in a new Ocean King. I would further speculate that perhaps MONTA would go for a more vintage look, using painted markers with gold surrounds instead of applied markers with stainless steel surrounds, which would be beautifully complemented by a new type of hands. Something more in the line of the Noble handset that is thinner and more restrained. 

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Final Thoughts 

To be frank, this article is just about me speculating what MONTA could release next. I do not have any insider information that guided my speculations, so if I’m entirely wrong, that’s totally on me and you should perhaps not be taking any of this seriously. And regardless of what the brand will release next, I know for a fact that it will come with the trademark MONTA quality in both construction and finish. The more experience a brand gains, the better the watches become, not the opposite. (Unless there is something crucially wrong with the brand’s management style.) But what are your thoughts about MONTA and what the brand could release next ? Please leave your comments below. 

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